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  • @amadeus Nice software. Good job in saving config in depence of executive name ;)
    it's command call 0 & ".config" ;)

  • Ok so after looking into this a bit further, it seems that when using the UXML (Universal XML Scraper) it adds some additional code into the gamelist.xml that RME has difficulty reading.

    Here are some examples:
    Edit: I figured out :)
    gamelist xml entry using UXML (RME does not display image or meta info)

    <game id="799" source="ScreenScraper">
    		<path>/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/mastersystem/<rom name></path>

    gamelist xml entry using traditional xml scraper (works correctly with RME)

    		<path>./<rom name></path>

    UXML is the culprit. When UXML writes to the path, it uses full rom folder path (see above)
    If you edit the gamelist.xml and replace the full rom path and replace it as ./<romfile> it works!

    Hope this helps

  • Can I just ask (considering that my images folder is different for 'Arcade' and all other platforms - Arcade is in arcade/images, other platforms in platform/boxart or marquee etc), will I have to update each gamelist separately, altering the image path each time? All will the software only overwrite the XML where changes have been made?

    I'm also guessing I'm going to run into issues where the boxart, marquee and video are saved in different folders?

  • I've made a custom build of this wonderful program.
    I'm not an expert of Visual Studio, i've just downloaded it one month ago and began to exercise.

    I added Drag and drop for Video and Image (For video drag the file in the video box, for image, in the image box), changed how work the datetime (i just hated the calendar) so it's regular input (since i made it for myself and i input only the year. Removed temporary Image editing software link.
    I will possibly add some other feature later.

    [](link url)

    If it can help you ... use it :)

  • I keep getting unhandled exception because could not find part of path game list.Any ideas on what to do here?


  • @crazydude2

    Check the rights of gamelist.xml with WinSCP.
    It can be because the file owner is "root" and you dont have the right.


    You can give the right by checking Group W (and Others W) for a test.

    The default owner is pi[1000]

  • hi i have the and not see my spectrum emulator on it..

    someone can help Tnx

  • @fuzznec I am having similar issues but I do not have these files for some reason the gamelists are not being built. All I have is a retropie folder in gamelists. I am running retropie 4.1 prebuilt image on raspberry pi 3. I know I must be missing something that would create these files. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Is this still a product? Also, all I can find is a link to the .NET project, not an executable. Where is the exe? And is anyone moving this to github?

  • @flightrisk Not a peep. Is this abandoned? I found the answer to my question. There is a "releases" folder and under that are many other version numbers (1-14 at the moment). If you go into those and click on the very long gibberish name, it expands it and there is an EXE and CFG file to copy into a folder and run. What are those gibberish names? Is it something to do with GIT?

    Anyway, I'm pretty good with C# so could help with the project if you need it.

  • on download archive, it doesn't seem to be there anymore, is it still available anywhere / an updated version?

  • Yeah is this still a thing? Only just read about it.

  • @Baz I've got a version of it, can't remember where from but i'll upload it for you.

  • hey, does anyone have a compiled version of the latest RME? the one sunwind provided seems to be the 0.1 BETA

  • @misticknight I know this was an old post but I have uploaded the last version from CodePlex to GitHub. I contacted @amadeus and got his permission to upload it to Github. There is a compiled version of the lastest release up there.

  • @mikecel79 Did you made any changes to the code or are you developing this?

  • @cyperghost The only change I made to the code was to remove @amadeus email address. Since he's no longer maintaining it I didn't want him to keep getting emails about it. I may start looking into improving on the code but I'm really not much of a programmer. I'd be happy to add someone as a contributor to the project though.

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