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[GUIDE] Retropie + 3.5 inch RPi LCD v3.0 (no brand)

  • Hi everyone, after months of useless guides followed on google my 3.5 LCD now work on retropie ! Now im here for share this guide for everyone.

    Two months ago i brought this lcd from ebay:


    This LCD its a clone of the Waveshare 3.5 and we can use the same drivers. But all guides on various forums are made on a fresh Raspian OS install. This guide is for install correctly this LCD on a fresh install of RETROPIE, actually the 4.0.2. Here we go:

    With the 4.0.2 u dont need to expand file sistem because this last version will do it for u at the first boot! U just have to setup a gamepad, check your IP and force the audio in 3.5mm jack

    git clone

    sudo cp waveshare-dtoverlays/waveshare35a-overlay.dtb /boot/overlays/waveshare35a.dtbo
    (this is very important because most guide are for 3.2 inch so if u have the waveshare 3.2 u must exchange the word "waveshare35a " in "waveshare32b" but no one say that xD)

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt
    (copy and paste this at the very bottom)

    (remember here again if u have the 3,2 inch u must change in waveshare32b)
    (CTRL+X, then Y, enter key)

    sudo reboot

    ls /dev/fb*
    (if u do correctly all above u must see in yellow dev/fb0 /dev/fb1 where fb1 its your LCD correctly installed)

    sudo apt-get install cmake
    git clone
    cd rpi-fbcp/
    mkdir build
    cd build/
    cmake ..
    sudo install fbcp /usr/local/bin/fbcp

    sudo nano /etc/rc.local

    (at the very bottom BEFORE "exit 0" you have to add this line)
    /usr/local/bin/fbcp &
    (CTRL+X, then Y, enter key)

    sudo reboot

    Now u can see one black border on upper and bottom of screen. For leave it u can go on:

    Retropie -> Raspi-Config -> Advanced -> Disable Overscan -> Reboot

    Here we go, we have a fullscreen with no black borders and fully working! There is just a problem about speed because its very slow. I see on youtube people with the same LCD play with it very fast but i dont know how to setup the SPEED and FPS sudo nano /boot/config.txt
    I tried many speeds and FPS config but still slow.

    If someone could help me to make it fast would be great ^_^

    Thanks for all in advance and i hope my guide will be usefull. U can see this guide on my Youtube channel. If u found a solution about the speed u can comment there on my channel too and here XD


  • @Taft great guide!! some of the tft screens out there can be a bit tricky to identify

    I think the issue you have with speed is purely down to the overhead of it all. The pi is having to grab the screen image, then convert it into something the TFT can then display. some of the fast demos you might have seen, could have been coded directly for the screen, rather than it being the pi-fbcp that you are using here (I could be wrong)

    speed with 240x320 screens isn't too bad, but the 320x480 might just be that step too far (going from 76,800 pixels per refresh, up to 153,600, which is pretty much double!!)

  • @moosepr So u think if i change the resolution would be fast and no color glitch?

  • @Taft I'm not sure if I'm honest. It might make it faster, but the screen might not like the lower resolution. Might try and scale it and look a blurry mess. Give it a go though

  • Ciao Taft mi sono registrato al sito per chiedere il tuo aiuto inerente un LCD 3.2 TFT.
    ho eseguito la tua guida ma senza esito positivo. Il prodotto in questione è uguale al tuo.
    Mi potresti aiutare per una corretta installazione del prodotto ?
    La mia mail è:

  • This:


    Not perfect, but better than yours.

    Anybody else

    Thanks for your tutorial!

    Best regards

  • @Taft
    Awesome thanks to your guild I finely got something to display from RetroPie @ my ebay 3.5" nameless display! thx!

    This indeed seems to respons a lot quicker, but for me it messes up the colors and also adds some noise in the screen.

  • @ray1618 try adding bgr=1 to the end of your screen command


    see if that helps. some of the screens do colours red/green/blue and others to blue/green/red. not sure it will work on the dtoverlay command, but its worth a shot.

    Also have a play with the speed value. I have been tweaking my ili9341 screen, and managed to get the speed all the way up to 90000000 with success (although this does of course depend on the screen)

  • @Taft the speed is a problem with only the 3.5" models. They have some stupid resolution that keeps them from being able to do 60fps. I think their max is like 30fps. You are better off getting a 3.2" or a backup camera 3.5"

  • @edmaul69 Do you have a suggestion of which screen to get (3.2") maybe something from ebay?

  • @tonyrocks the waveshare 3.2" screens are fine. its what i am putting in my gameboy zero.

  • I couldn't get my GPIO screen to work without problems, I ordered another 3.5" from spotpear on ebay WITH Hdmi connection. And like the support guy of spotpear promissed me: The screen works Without drivers as it just uses HDMI for the screen Yay!.

    So far it works just as I hoped it would! and it also has an 3.5mm jack for audio (wich workes without noise, UNLIKE my original pi audio out)

    You still can connect it to the GPIO for touch support (does need drivers) and power (just works when pugged in), but it's also possible to power it with another micro USB cable.

    IF I ever receive my aftermarked gameboy case I'll let you know how it fits :)

    I'll check out if the bgr=1 and speed change works out for my other GPIO screen

  • @Taft sorry I am new to linux or retropie. Could you tell me where should I enter the command in retropie. Many thanks T.T

  • @Taft hi I have successfully installed the driver after following your guidance. Yet the 3.5 showed white screen then turn black. Is there any error in the settings? Thank you.

  • Finally The LCD is able to show pictures but like your situation it is too slow. And the colour isn't stable. I am really frustrated....

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