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Original SNES Controler and Board to ControlBlock issue

  • Hey!
    I just finished soldered all the input from the SNES board to wires, to connect it to the ControlBlock so I can play with the original controller. But, the controllers work in the retropi menu and on the NES Emulator, but it dont seem to work with the SNES one! I can<t seem to find the problem! :(

    Please help me! I wanna play!!!

    Thank you!

  • Global Moderator

    If the controllers work in EmulationStation and in the NES emulator, it seems that the hardware wiring and ControlBlock configuration is set up correctly.

    To be sure that the ControlBlock is working correctly, you could go to the command line and use the tool jstestto see if all buttons are working correctly. You could do this with this command line:

    jstest /dev/input/js0

    That command assumes that you do not have any other (USB) controllers attached to the RPi.

  • @petrockblog Thank you! ill try that soon, and will come back with the result!

  • Could it be the SNES emulator that dislike the block?

  • Global Moderator

    Certain SNES games and emulator combinations have issues with the controls, e.g. certain versions of Super Mario: One solution in those cases is to switch to player two. With that controls you can continue to play then. That is not an issue of the ControlBlock.

    Generally: If the controller works in one program, but not in another, then it is a matter of configuration of the specific program. The ControlBlock is working correctly then.

    Hope that helps!

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