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How to Connect Power Switch to ControlBlock

  • Here's my second newbie question of the day. I have a RPi3 with a ControlBlock. I'm connecting a power switch to the ControlBlock. Is there a particular method to securely fasten the wires coming from my switch to the vertical pins on the ControlBlock?

    Should I use something like this: 2.54mm Female Pin Connector?

    Also, my switch has a light built in, with three connectors - one for the switch, one for the light, and one for the ground. The ControlBlock has two for the switch, and two for the light. What should my connection from switch to pins look like? Do I double up on the switch's ground with two grounds to the ControlBlock, or do I simply leave off one of the two ControlBlock grounds?

  • Do you have a picture of your switch?
    How do the connectors of your switch looks like?

    I am not quite sure but i would double the one "ground" from the switch to the LED and Switch Ground of the Control Block.
    You can solder a second ground to that.

  • Since the OP has not replied and it's exactly the same question I had...

    This is the rocker toggle switch, how do I connect this to the 4 pins on the control block?

    alt text

  • Dont know about the rocker toggle switch... is it with a LED?

    With LED i would connect the + to both + at the control block and the ground to both - at the block. My opinion.

    The "A" connector i doesn't know what is it for. Do you have a schematic or informations about the circuit?

  • I just got another switch which works, not sure how this one would

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