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Control block reads if controller is plugged in?

  • i was thinking about ordering a controlblock for my NesPi build, and was wondering how it handled joystick priority. If i have bluetooth controllers hooked up, will they take priority over the cb, so i can use them in the shell and in non-retroarch emu's, or if they read as always on, and take the js0 and js1 slots?

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    The ControlBlock gamepads appear as "normal" gamepads in /dev/input/js*. I am not sure about the order in comparison to Bluetooth joysticks. It might depend on the order the Bluetooth driver and the ControlBlock drivers are loaded during boot.

  • @JoargTheBard the control block seems to set them to js0 and 1 by default. I have had problems with my Bluetooth / and systems like daphne because of it. I know only use the control block as a power block with the power block script. It only shuts down and powers up the system with a led indicator but that's fine because I went to the Bluetooth controllers anyways

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