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Oldroom theme W.I.P. new 1.9 Beta + media packs

  • Ok guys, finally I can open the new thread for my oldroom theme, it's based on attractmode Oldroom theme from AM forums. First of all I want to give some credits:

    • @fieldofcows for make video preview and overlays possible.
    • litzoZoid for let me use his amazing backgrounds for systems, credits to Spinelli, Cobra83, razin, and bundangdon for some pretty backgrounds.
    • Thanks to everyone who has supported me.



    This theme is only 16:9 aspect ratio. You need emulationstation with video support and configured to use VLC as video renderer in es_settings.cfg.

    I recommend to use roms folders for all media and gamelist.xml, this way:

    alt text

    You can do some tweaks to the theme:

    • If you don't like scanlines go to art folder inside oldroom folder and rename scanlines.png to no_scanlines.png.

    • If you want to try diferent scanlines intensity just rename to scanlines.png the scanlines effect you want inside oldroom/art/ folder.

    Media used in the theme:

    I'll upload here all the media used in the theme, optimized for use in rpi, thinking in a goood balance between quality, filesize and good temps.

    Wheel art (marquees) it's optional, if you don't want to see wheel art in theme, simply don't use it. Anyway some handheld consoles has not wheels in this theme.

    The videos are not in the best quality for fullscreen, but are perfect for previews, and very well optimized so you get nice temps and low filesize.

    You will need some tool like fatmatch to match your art with roms. For better use of space, don't use all videos, use only the videos you need. The same for images.

    I'll update this section with new media from time to time. @enderandrew i know you will love this section.

    Optimized media packs:

    • If you use no-intro romsets all my media packs and gamelist will fit with your roms if roms are in zip format, if your roms aren't in zip format simply open gamelist.xml with a text editor and do a search and replace, for example:

    Search for:


    and replace for:


    Or you can compress your roms in zip format...

    • In some systems I only uploaded (USA) versions if there are both European and usa versions, so if you have european games instead of usa games, you will need to use fatmatch to match the images, videos and marquees with name of your roms. (Program included in "tools" link below.

    • Do not expect 3D boxes or wheel art for games never released, like prototypes (Proto), beta games (Beta), Demos (Demo) or programs like gameshark (Programs).

    Download media packs:!ZsdFSLRY!DtcDq3iLLacYUe--Gb3M1g

    I uploaded media like single files because it's more easy for me to update an upload single files than a one big zipped pack, so you only need to right click on the folder or file you need and select download as zip.

    I'll upload more media soon...

    Theme download:

    Version 1.9 Beta:

    Tutorial to create the gamelist easy and fast (only works in windows 7 or higher):

    • Copy the folder with your roms inside "fastscraper" folder, images, videos and marquees folders must be inside your roms folders like in the screenshot I posted before. For example "snes" folder.
    • Use fatmatch (provided with tools) to match all the media with your rom names (images, marquees, and videos), I'll not explain how to use fatmatch here, it's easy enough and a lot of tutorials out there, most important thing it's to pay attention at "DUPLICATES" on list before click rename. Don't forgot to move the new media from "FM_renamed" to it's original place.
    • Once done, go into fastscraper folder and run fastscraper.bat. When asked about what systems to scrape, type the name of the folder containing your roms, for example "snes".
    • When finish, copy "Add video & marquees" files inside your roms folder, right click on it and select "run with powershell", a new gamelist.xml will be created. The original gamelist will be renamed to oldgamelist.xml.
    • That's all, now you have the roms folder ready to use.

    If you have a screenscraper account, it's highly recommendable to open fastscraper with a text editor and edit the following lines to add your account data:

    rem Set ScreenScraper credentials
    set username=""
    set password=""

    Known issue of "Add video & marquees" script: One thing it does is cuts off remaining characters after a dot... IT'S FIXED.


  • @Nismo Awesome work. The Mega link didn't work for me. Just throws me onto a login page.

  • @HurricaneFan Thanks for the advice, link fixed.

    If you will go to download atari 2600 keep in mind that I notice that some images are wrong (2D instead of 3D), and i'll upload a fixed version tomorrow, anything else it's ok.

  • @Nismo Any chance you can add a theme file for Retropie settings like we discussed in the other thread? It would go into a folder called retropie just like other console systems.

  • @HurricaneFan I don't have rpi for testing so what I did is to copy the retropie folder from carbon theme and I did some xml modifications so I hope it works, but it's in the new 1.9 version coming soon, i'll try to make it available before the end of this week.

  • @Nismo Thank you!! Can't wait to test 1.9

  • Fixed Atari 2600 3d Boxes.

    Uploading Gameboy... please don't download it until I say it's complete.

  • Added little tutorial for matching files and scraping.

  • Gameboy finished uploading, ready to download.

  • Some changes on the scraper tool, if you downloaded the file before this post, please download it again.

  • Updated gamelist for atari 5200.

  • Uploaded gamelist for Atari 7800

  • Thank you so much for this Theme, it is exactly what I wanted to try and do with retropie

    I need to find out how to set retropie for video snaps and also use VLC? but if i can get it all set up to look like that... Wow

  • @VGMonkey You need to update from source, about VLC it doesn't mind at this moment, it's a feature that it's not implemented yet but it can allow to you to change your video renderer (VLC or OMX player) in es_settings.cfg.

  • @Nismo I have found better quality GameBoy videos, before was at 320x240, so I'm uploading updated gameboy videos and gamelist.xml. Also added more videos.

    It's highly recommended to download the new version. I'll advice when the upload it's completed.

  • Gameboy upload finished.

  • Uploading Nintendo NES... please don't download it until I say the upload is complete.

  • Updating Atari 2600... please don't download it until I say the upload is complete.

    Added more 3dbox images, marquees, and updated gamelist.xml.

  • @Nismo - awesome work! Thank you so much for your efforts. Do you have a certain order that you're working through the various systems?

  • @Jeck11 Thanks. The short answer is no. I'm focusing a bit on media packs now, I have a lot of more created, but need a bit of time for uploading.

    Also I did a lot of fixes in the theme, some system logos was too dark on basic and detailed view, fixed fba marquee size, added more systems, and i'm editing the 3dbox image when no game found more cool, but now I need to edit on all systems I made.

    My goal it's to upload mediapack when adding a new system to the theme so I want to update all mediapacks for existing systems in the theme before launching the new theme update. (Depends on my time).

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