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Mame + Controlblock + Joysticks

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm in the process of making my own portable arcade machine, and bought 18 buttons (8 + 8 + 2 players) and 2 joysticks.
    I added a random button for the switch "coin" on the controlblock.

    All my inputs work fine in retropie, I can configure them, and it works perfectly.
    The problem happens when I launch a game on MAME. The joysticks are ok, but the buttons I have to hit on aren't the same I defined when on the retropie system. Still, this problem doesn't keep me from playing, but I would like to resolve this issue...

    The real problem is that my "1 player" button is not recognized, and same goes with "coin" button. I have to use the keyboard for these purposes.

    If anyone has solutions for me, I'll be glad to read it :D

    Sorry for any mistakes, english isn't my native language

  • What verison of retropie are you running? There are known issues with the coin button in previous versions. 3.7 runs well and mame-mame4all is pretty good for most roms (in the 0.37... Rom set). Most of the emulators also have a sub menu out side of retropie. Try hitting tab on the keyboard. There also might be an issue with retroarch and this sub menu conflicting.

  • Hi!

    Hitting "tab" while ingame resolved my problem.
    I was able to remap all the buttons (coin, player 1) and am thinking about mapping buttons to the escape and tab keys too.

    Thx for everything.

  • @calypso glad I was able to help.

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