I hate that you had this happen to you, but if you can prove the capacity is bogus with a tool like F3 as mitu suggested you should be able to get a refund.

There is a legitimate NAND maker named Silicon Power that focuses on budget priced drives and cards: I'm currently using a few of their SD card models (A 128GB, 256GB and 512GB) along with half a dozen NVME and SATA drives for some PCs, and while they're not the most blazingly fast drives in their respective classes they are more than fast enough for a Raspberry Pi and have held up well so far (One is two years old now). Most importantly, they are really what they state they are in terms of capacity.

It looks like they have several 1TB SD card models now, the slowest/cheapest one currently going for around $55 (USD), which isn't really all that much more than the Alisensen "1TB" drives I'm seeing.

Realistically, around $32 USD (Currently) will get you a super nice 512GB micro SD card like a Samsung Evo or Sandisk Extreme.