I'm glad you enjoyed. It is a bit expensive when you need to buy both the PS4 and the headset but at least you got to give it try. I just upgraded to a PS4 pro myself as I've had VR long enough now and still use it regularly so the upgrade was worth it for me. It does make a big difference in many VR games - Resident evil 7 is much clearer, not perfect but far better than on the base PS4.

Speaking of Resident evil 7 - how far did you play? There is a section fairly early on (just after the first video tape) where you have to walk through a flooded tunnel underneath the house. The water level is just beneath your chin and it seems so convincing I always find myself holding my head up slightly so I don't get the filthy water anywhere near my mouth. During this section the decomposing corpse of Andre bursts to the surface and I was amazed by the detail in that model - I spent far too long examining it complete with all the writhing maggots (it's as disgusting and brilliant as it sounds).