@AlanTuring said in Accessibility with screen reader for blind gamer:

We should therefore prepare a script or automatic procedure for the configuration of Orca and espeak.

RetroPie doesn't use a desktop environment on a Pi, so I don't know if Orca would work in a default Pi installation. I think Orca is present in a Debian distribution, so it can be installed via in RetroPie also with apt (sudo apt install orca) - but it won't help operating the default front-end (EmulationStation).

My suggestion would be to try out RetroPie - or rather the RetroPie components: the emulators and front-end - in a desktop environment before trying to go further. You can start with RetroArch installed on a desktop enabled RaspiOS installation (from the Raspberry Pi site) and see if it really works with Orca/ESpeak to run games.