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I was able to run Casio PV-1000 using lr-mess. It took me 36 hours to compile lr-mess on my Raspberry Pi 3b (stretch) with the original power supply, a swap of 2gb and a gpio CPU fan.
After the compilation a hash folder is created in /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS/mame/hash. The file pv1000.xml contains the description of the roms with the valid sha1 hashes. You can check if your rom has the same hash with "sha1sum <yourrom.bin>". If it's the same, you have to zip it.
The name of the zip file should be the "software name" which is defined in the pv1000.xml. And the bin file name inside should be the "rom name" which is defined in the pv1000.xml

So for your rom the zipfile should be "tutankhm.zip" but the file inside should be "tutnkham.bin"

<software name="tutankhm"> <description>Tutankham</description> <year>1982</year> <publisher>Casio</publisher> <info name="serial" value="GPA-103"/> <info name="alt_title" value="ツターンカーム"/> <part name="cart" interface="pv1000_cart"> <dataarea name="rom" size="8192"> <rom name="tutnkham.bin" size="8192" crc="a0b606d8" sha1="56efa2ab7c4a6db7b44714e46c5bf2ba71983ee8" offset="0000" /> </dataarea> </part> </software>