@psyke83 said in Error and GUI terminates back to ES when launching RetroPie-Setup direct on machine (libudev?) - but SSH is ok: @BuZz It looks like we might need to add a delay to the runcommand invocation as well? I implemented python-evdev support into the script: https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/compare/master...psyke83:joy2key_evdev Tested it on Ubuntu 18.10, confirmed it to work well and eliminate the need for any delays... and then realized afterwards that Raspbian doesn't have this package :/ It's possible to get on Raspbian via installing python-pip and then installing it that way, but python-pip requires 30MB or so of extra packages. A damn shame :( how about the idea of re-implementing joy2key in C and use libevdev/libudev directly? the binary would be much smaller and elegant than having the python interpreter :) joy2key doesn't seem to be too complex functionally speaking. In few weeks I will have much more time available and could help with this if interested.