@mitu thank you for helping, the raspberry pi is a 3B+ made to look like a gameboy so it hasn’t a screen of its own connected to the raspberry pi inside a gameboy shell. The screen is black (but there is an indication that it is on since the blackness glows when in darkness) and when I turn on the console, the introduction plays without the screen - I can hear the PlayStation intro sound that it makes - and then it stops and the 4 blinks occur. I haven’t modified the console at all and it was working perfectly for the past 4 months. It did do this thing where it would start to glitch and freeze or the console would completely shut off, but I could always just turn it back on and it would start up again. However, I was playing it and what happened was the console just fell slightly onto a pillow then the screen went black but the sound still played. Now when I turn it on, the screen stays black, the intro plays, and then it stops running. Does retropi or emulation station stop running (does it shut off) if there is no hdmi output? I’m thinking maybe the screen got bumped out of place, but it doesn’t explain why the sd card stops running or that when I click a button, the games don’t start and make noise at least.