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Retrorama Comic Theme

  • @smellyviking said in Retrorama Comic Theme:

    @lipebello Bro you did it all for nuthin and your art is awesome dont let a few bad apples get ya down. even if a few clowns take credit for your labor of love everyone else knows your the man. Your themes are sick.

    I think there's no better way to put it into words. You made my day, bro. :D

  • @sinatra said in Retrorama Comic Theme:

    Dang I was wondering why it wasn't working. I was going to use this as my theme and was super excited. Bummer. I'll look around and try to find the download. @lipebello they do say you know you're really loved when people come out to hate you.

    Please let me know if you manage to get hold of it. I too only discovered this too late, and am super bummed I can't install both Retrorama and SpaceOddity on my Retropie.

    I looked at a bunch of 'top 5 themes' videos on youtube earlier this week, and these 2 themes were the best by a country mile.

  • @lipebello said in Retrorama Comic Theme:

    Last week, a moderator from a FB page called Raspberry pi BR released a recalbox image with my theme, but all my name was erased from the images, and he called his image "the retrorama edition".

    The only way to counter this behavior is to FLOOD the world with the real/original theme. (After all, they already have their 'fake'/modified version, and will probably continue to punt it.)

    The best possible thing that could happen would be for both Retrorama and SpaceOddity to get included in the main downloadable Retropie image (installed by default) - then nobody in the world would every care about any 'fakes/hacks'.

  • @lipebello First of all, I want to thank you for your amazing work. I can imagine how you feel after seeing these a-holes stealing your work.
    I just recentely found out about Retropie. My Pie arrived just today and now I see that this awesome theme got deleted (with valid reasons).
    Is there any chance to convince you to share the theme with me? I don't want to sound needy, but there is just no other theme only close as beautiful as your work!

  • @lipebello It's a shame a few ruin it for the many. I'd interested in making a donation by paypal or patreon for you to keep going with it. I just found it myself yesterday and I'm saddened by the loss.

  • @lipebello said in Retrorama Comic Theme:

    Hello. sorry about the delay in respond to this, but i kinda absent from talking about last week and why i deleted my account on github and my repositories.
    I have a huge collections of emails, facebook chats and even whatsapp (because i once joined an arcade builder's group) of people asking me if they could sell retropie images with my themes on it, and once i refuse, they started to talk about how the things on the internet spread and that it was better selling to them and this kind of stuff.
    Last week, a moderator from a FB page called Raspberry pi BR released a recalbox image with my theme, but all my name was erased from the images, and he called his image "the retrorama edition".
    I kindly asked him to remove my theme from his image and pointed that if he wants to share my work, he should do this without erasing my names, like it was discribed on the readme.
    He erased my comment and started threatening me on private chat, so i've made an evaluation on the page saying what the moderator made and gave it one star.
    Then i started to receive some more hate messages because the page owner made a post saying that i was creating fakes to negativate their page (that never happened). But in the end i'm always the bad guy, so i decided to not create anything else.

    Bah. Dam that sucks man. Selling an image with your theme is one thing, but going to that length to remove your name from your own work then insult you over it is something else :(

    I have nothing but respect for your amazing work. Hope to see you return in the future.

  • @lipebello I don't blame you for your decision, but I am saddened that your beautiful work will no longer brighten our days. I hope you find success in other art endeavors. You are supremely talented.

  • just came across this. damn shame, just a damn shame. it just shows the type of people out that are out there. that is why i do not follow any group out there are are selling this for money. they will do anything and blame everyone else who tries to do things the correct way.

    I stand with you on your choice to pull your art.
    Im with a few others there. i hope one day we see you return.

  • Every download link i find gets me a 404error and thru EStheme within Retropie it requires me to login to github which when i do bears no results eather :(.

    Any help please, I love this theme!

    *Edit; sorry i just read back a little too less. Damn shame cause your theme is hella awesome man. Does it mean it's not availible anymore anywhere?

  • @bogus
    Let's say that if you manage to find it, it'll go against the will of the author.
    As sad as it is, because this theme is a masterpiece, I don't think people here will help you to find it, simply out of respect for the decision of @lipebello.
    Personally, I even went to delete the theme from my setup.
    Let's just hope he'll reconsider his choice one day.

  • @sano
    I completely understand. It's a damn shame tho. I'd petreon that theme is a jiffy!
    Altho I'm sad it wont be around anymore, still mad respect for the author!

  • So can you keep the theme, and not have the error when trying to update? That's a bit un-nerving, esp if you are not really experienced with your little pi.

  • Does anyone have suggestions as to what other themes might be similar enough in functionality/looks?

  • @stephanepare If you check @lipebello 's youtube, he has an awesome Swineapple theme on there. Not sure if that was removed but you might have more luck google-ing that.

    Other then that, I'm trying to create my own theme now inspired by Retrorama. I use to be a graphic designer (now a stay @ home parent haha) and i think it's always a good thing to learn some new creative ways. @lipebello Don't worry, i'll only use Retrorama as inspiration, i won't use or copy the actual assets. Depending on the results and if Doodle's cool with it, i might share it eventually.

  • @bogus

    I'd love to see what you develop. @lipebello had really well done handdrawn artwork.

  • @sgtjimmyrustles That's the biggest obstacle for me, I'm not that much of a handdrawing artist XD. I'll try my best digitally tho!

  • @bogus said in Retrorama Comic Theme:

    e for me, I'm not that much of a handdrawing artist XD. I'll try my best digitally tho!

    Well, digital or handdrawn, it was good. You might also look at the comicbook theme here and take inspiration from it. You got any examples of your artistic work?

  • @sgtjimmyrustles

    Yea, i'll have to dig in a little. I'll make a new topic somewhere in the near future, dont want to take over this one.

  • ERRONEOUS ERRONEOUS ON ALL COUNTS!!!! we should just start a facebook movement over this theme seriously!.. #resurrectretrorama

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