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"Reset" functionality issues on latest ControlBlock driver

  • It seems the victory dance on the "Reset" button functionality was premature.

    My NES/SNES build is simple:

    1. Case: 1985 NES console
    2. Game I/O Interface: ControlBlock 2.1
    3. Game Controller: NES/SNES Gamepad (1 only) using front panel Player connectors
    4. Switches: Console Front Panel ON/OFF and Reset switch
    5. RP1 3 and 5V, 4A power supply housed inside the NES case
    6. Retropie 4.2 and Comic-Book Theme
    7. ControlBlock Configuration: SNES with "onegamepad only"

    On the original build with the old ControlBlockService2 driver everything was working well except, of course, the "Reset" function of the ControlBlock.

    Two days ago, @petrockblog release a new driver for the ContolBlock to fix the non-functioning "reset" button. I updated my build at the time but did not extensively tested its operation until today. Here are my observations:

    1. Intermittently, when ES boots up, the system will go into the Retropie menu section and hangs. No other button will work but only the Power ON/OFF switch or F4 via keyboard if connected.
    2. During game play, without pressing the "reset" switch and without pressing SELECT+START on the controller, the system will go into the Retropie menu section and hangs. Again, no other button will work but only the Power ON/OFF switch and sometimes F4 via keyboard if connected but not always.
    3. None of the games in my build can now be played without hanging-up as in item 2 above.

    How do I know that it is the latest ControlBlockService driver that's acting up? I also happen to have a USB SNES game controller, which I do not use in conjunction with the SNES controller. So I reconfigured the service by editing /etc/controlblockconfig.cfg and change the "gametype" to "none". This disables both the NES/SNES controller and the reset function. With the USB controller connected, it becomes active for game play and none of the anomalies and erratic behavior cited above have been observed. All games can be played without premature interruption.

    Reset functionality on the ControlBlock is not yet stable or fully debugged.

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