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ControlBlock, PowerBlock Diagrams?

  • @petrockblog I understand that these boards are not open-source but could you publish a schematic or at the least a block diagram to show how the major components are interconnected? This would greatly help a lot of us troubleshooting connection problems and/or make some modifications/enhancements of our own for added functionality.

  • I never got any response from @petrockblog on I'm asking again, are there diagrams that we can look at? Also, how about a Parts List? Some of us are having deficient power when the ControlBlock is used. I know that a transistor (Q1) switch supplies power to the PI using the GPIO pins. The question is, what is the max current that Q1 supplies the RPi with? Is it 2.5A or much less? Is this a constant current or fluctuating current? Without a diagram and parts list we are constantly guessing where our issues come from.

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