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Retroachievements are amazing

  • All. This has been posted on before (usually in context of getting it to work), but it's been a while, and it seems there have been lots of updates since.

    Retroachievements are amazing.

    It looks like they have about 13 games for TurboGrx 16 and well over 100 EACH for nes, snes, megadrive, gb, gbc, and gba.

    Gives even more incentive to spend time with retro favorites. Here's hoping for some SegaCD adds.

  • @muehltime they are awesome. Because of the 15 trillion options of how people can make and have their sega cd images im not sure if it even possible to use cd based games. It would be a cool addition though.

  • @muehltime I agree! It's very funny.

    The RetroAchievements are amazing because of the work of many people, but I would like to name two guys who did and do most of the hardwork to make it happen.

    • Scott - the RetroAchievements boss.
    • leiradel - the guy who implemented RetroAchievements support in RetroArch.

    I also would like to say a big thank you to all cheevos developers around that site. I love all of them! <3 I think that developing cheevos is tedious task, but the results are very cool!

    If you guys would like support the two projects that make this happen, here are the links for donations:

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