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What is your favorite emulator

  • As the topic says what is your favorite emulator and explain why it is your favorite.
    Also no PS3/PS4/Xbox360/Xbox One/WiiU/Switch cause i want to keep this topic as retro as possible since this is a more retro community.

    Also mine is Playstation 1 because i love RPG games the most such as Xenogears, Wild Arms, Final Fantasy series and Legend of Dragoon because those games would take so many hours that you get hooked into the story and also forget if you took your shower for the day lol.

  • As of now, I'd probably have to say my favorite is the optional build of lr-snes9x. Previously, it was the most accurate SNES emulator that RetroPie had to offer but the frame rate would drop whenever it had to render intensive Mode 7 graphics or transparencies, and this is with overclocking on a Pi 3. I'm not sure what changes were pushed recently, but its overall performance has been near perfect as of late.

    I'll also give props to byuu for his work on higan in striving to emulate the original SNES hardware as accurately as possible, right down to the precise clock cycles. Granted, it's incredibly hardware intensive, but the engineering that goes into it is something to be admired.

  • @eldrethor When i was playing SNES games on my PC i always used SNES9X cause the sounds and all was very accurate but the most stable i have used as well was ZSNES and to note the last time i used those emulators on PC was when i was using a Pentium III.

  • @ecks I'm not sure if you are really talking about our favorite system or an actual emulator.

    Talking about system, my favorite is NES.

    About emulator, there is one that made me really love it when I knew it: pifba. Yeah, I know it's old, deprecated and hard to config. But I was really really amazed when I started messing with RetroPie on my raspi1 and was able to play Marvel vs. Capcom on such modest device.

  • @meleu Oh i am talking about PSX emulators in general because i have not encounter a bad one yet.

  • I'd have to say the default PS1 emulator included with RetroPie is my favorite emulator, simply because its to only emulator of a 3D capable system on RetroPie which performs well across the board that I am aware of. I like a lot of PS1 games, simply because that's the system I have the most nostalgia for. Sega CD is a close second, so second place goes to Picodrive (specifically the Sega CD functionality) for me. I would love for 3DO emulation to become practical on the Pi though, since there were some really good games on that system as well.

  • My favorite emulator is a DS emulator I installed on retropie. This emulator is great it always works with decent frames and even allows you to control a virtual stylus on a touch screen. I am not home for a few weeks however and I can't remember the name of this emulator. I also am unsure where to get it as a friend had already downloaded it onto his computer and then installed it into my pi. I will post again if I ever find the name of this emulator.

  • My favourite is probably an SNES emulator I came across a while back. I think the retropie is the best way to host it, but recently I've been looking at some alternatives to Raspberry Pi:

    out of interest and I wonder how well they might handle an SNES or even a PSX emulator. But as far as the retropie goes, it hosts the SNES emulator like a champ; the frame rate is great and everything ran smoothly. I just wish I could remember the name of it. When I do I'll add it below.

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