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Low Power issue

  • Hi there,

    Currently I'm using the official raspberry pi power supply with 5.1 v and 2.5A on my RPi3 with controlblock.

    Now I noticed after 1h of SNES gaming that the power symbol is showing up for 5-10 sec and a slowdown of the game and music occurs. After that the power symbol shoes up more and more until after about 2h gaming it is almost permanent.

    My first thought was heat problem due to custom case but I checked the temperature after 3h gaming (if you quit emulationstation with f4 it shows CPU and GPU temperature) but it is rock solid 53°C. So no problem there.

    I even tested it without the USB extension from case to controlblock but not much difference.

    Anyone else any idea? 2.5A should be enough right? I did not search much yet but are there even some with more A?

    Thanks for the help

  • @jeddo said in Low Power issue:

    I did not search much yet but are there even some with more A?


  • @jeddo you don't mention any petipherals you have attached to the Pi. Also it is a good idra to plug the PSU directly into a socket rather than a power strip. A power strip only delivers so many Amps and if other appliances are drawing from it the Pi tends to complain.

  • Could someone please transfer this thread to the "ControlBlock" section of the the forum? Maybe @petrockblog can respond to the issue further.

  • @jonnykesh right now I only have USB keyboard and USB stick for roms connected. So not much.

    Power supply is connected directly to the socket, no power strips

  • Global Moderator

    @jeddo Hmm, power symbol after two hours of playing. I did not have that kind of issue before. Does the power symbol appear, when the USB stick is not connected?
    Are you overclocking the Pi somehow?

  • @petrockblog No Pi is not overclocked. Running in normal mode

  • @jeddo Questions:

    1. Is the issue repeatable? Meaning, does it always show the issue after 2 hours of play? Does it go away after you give it a rest, say an hour? It could be that you have some thermal issues elsewhere, not necessary the RPi.

    2. Does the power supply itself heat up after two hours of play? Is it hot to the touch? If the supply is not properly designed it could run into thermal issues and its efficiency to sustain the desired power output deteriorates. If that's the case see if you can have it replaced.

    3. Do you have access to the ControlBlock while you're having the issue? Can you feel if any of the components in the ControBlock is heating up? If so which of the components?

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