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Random game selection

  • The random game selection is great but it selects game from ALL systems could it be possible to randomize the game just for the system list I have selected?

    I would assume that if I filter my list by category I would be able to do a random selection from just the filtered list correct?

    Just an idea thanks for all the hard work guys! :D

  • Since ES 2.4.x(???) the random setting was changed from ALL games to random system and inside system you can select a random game out of selected system.

    As the "old" random for all games is still useable in virtual system auto-allgames

  • Hmm ok I will try that. However I noticed after updating that that option is not available to me. (Surprise me! is missing.)

  • @akafox the surprise me is redundant with the all games and random.

  • @lostless I would agree with that

    I was informed where the random is now..heh..

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