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  • @jamesnj Ouh thats cool, as I thought about sharing some pinball games too. Found some interesting ones. I will check your list later and post mine, when I build a new collection.

  • @jamesnj Here is the fresh list:

    Some games not found in your list are: There are multiple titles from the Crush series (first three items MD, SNES and PCE), so you may don't want integrate all, as they get similar.

    • Dragon's Revenge (MD)
    • Jaki Crush (SNES)
    • Alien Crush (PCE)
    • Time Cruise (PCE)
    • Pinball - Revenge of the Gator (GB)
    • Super Pinball Action, (MAME2003)

  • Thanks, some good ones there. 1 or two I can't find so I'll have to dig around online. One challenge is seems like these roms have some slight naming differences, but I was able to sort out.

    Full disclosure, I added the Super Pinball Action to my list but it is of a mild adult theme .... though the games seem sufficiently difficult enough to make "the prize" near impossible to attain. Or maybe I'm just terrible at video games ;)

  • @jamesnj I can recommend this tool: Pathfinder for Custom Collections.

    One challenge is seems like these roms have some slight naming differences, but I was able to sort out.

    No problem! ;)

    Thanks for your collection - used your Arcade Classic and this is really a nice one.

  • Not really here to share a collection, but rather pose a question:

    Is it possible to add entire systems or romsets to a collection instead of adding single games?

    I'm trying to create an "Arcade" collection where I would put every MAME, FBA and Neo-Geo game in it. I know there is an "arcade" rom folder but that doesn't allow me to have different copies of the same game (MAME romset version, FBA romset version) in the same folder nor do I want to have to change emulator each time I launch a game to see where it runs better. My idea is simply to have all arcade roms in the same collection, where I know which system it originates from (as they appear listed at the end of the title) and allows me to better compare between versions.

    However, doing this adding a single game each time is too daunting. Is there a way to add entire system libraries to a collection?

  • @mrskyle Of course that is possible. Go to your ROMs dir and just type
    ls -d1 $PWD/* > "/opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/collections/custom-YOURCOLLECTION.cfg"

    Use > to give the file a one shot entry, doing this again will overwrite the whole file
    Use >> to append other entries, with a second ls-command

    YOURCOLLECTION presents the name of this. After this restart EmulationStation to make the collection appear and then set it active in Main-Menu > Game Collection Settings

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    A much better solution above ;)

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    One thing to add is that the collection name also needs to be added to /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/es_settings.cfg. Using the same custom-YOURCOLLECTION.cfg example, here it would just read YOURCOLLECTION.

    <string name="CollectionSystemsCustom" value="YOURCOLLECTION" />

  • @mediamogul Oh well not really neccessary. I think to restarting ES and activating the collection out of the menu should do the trick ;) Whatever solution you do, ES always needs to be restarted.

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    @cyperghost said in Share your collections:

    Oh well not really neccessary.

    Are you sure? I could have sworn this was a roadblock for me when creating these manually in the past. Still, it's been a while, you may be right.

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