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Understanding the latching reset button to Player-1, Input B instruction

  • I have a RaspberryPie 3 Model b with a rev. 2.1 control block. The system has two snes controllers connected and a maintained power switch. Everything is working great! But the instructions for how to wire the snes controllers leaves me puzzled about this optional latching reset button.

    Here are the official instructions

    You can also connect a latching reset button to Player-1, Input B. If the button is pressed a virtual ESC-key press will be triggered as well as a simultaneous press of the start and select buttons for player 1.

    1 What does this mean?
    2 What is Input-B?
    3 Is the reset button really supposed to be a latching switch (a.k.a. maintained switch)?

    On question 2 above:
    I just realized that Player-1, Input B (most likely) refers to the input diagrams of the control block in "arcade" controller mode. Here are the snes and arcade wiring maps side by side:
    0_1508776172498_Skärmavbild 2017-10-23 kl. 09.20.23.png

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    @jjabba RetroArch per default reacts on ESC presses with exiting the currently running emulator. The above mentioned functionality allows to connect a reset button to "Player 1, B". A non-latching button will lead to a simulated ESC key press. Thanks for pointing me to the question about the latching behaviour of the button. It should be non- latching! I have corrected that in the README just now.

  • Thanks @petrockblog!
    I just tried it out using some stipped wire.
    Connecting Plyr 1 GND or Plyr 2 GND with Player 1 B for a short moment will indeed "reset" out of the current running game!

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