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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children NES Rom-Hack Boxart images and preview video

  • Hi,

    I was reading some of the Best Rom Hacks thread over on the general discussion board and then I went looking for some. I managed to find the Final Fantasy VII for NES romhack, as well as the Advent Children patch, and started playing (pretty good so far, and damn accurate to the PS1 version too). I'd recommend getting the Advent Children patch rather than just the English translation as well because it apparently makes it much more playable as well as truer to the original in layout and graphics.

    Anyway, I've spent a good month or so getting my games lists and themes all as I want them, but with this in there (and no way of getting some scraped graphics into my theme automatically) it now had a bit of a metadata-less void for this game. So, I got on Photoshop and movie-maker and made some images and a preview video. I found all the source images from Google and the video was of game-play on YouTube that I have condensed somewhat and chopped around, and knocked up something similar to the scraped images I had got using the Universal XML tool. I'm using the one with box-art and logo as well as screenshot, but I've put all three here in-case anybody wants these but without one or the other.

    Images are below and I'm put a link to the video underneath them to download. Hope somebody finds these useful.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Video here -

  • Thank You. Very nice.

  • @markyh444 very cool! Thanks for the time and effort! :)

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