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  • How do you show a clone of a rom and hide the parent? For example show the 2 player clone of TMNT rather than the 4 player version?

  • @battlecat You can't. Get a non-merged set where each ROM is standalone and the parent / clone relationship is redundant OR if it is only a few games you could build it yourself.
    If you want to use a clone without the parent then extract all files from the parent zip, place in the clone ROM and re-zip.

  • @battlecat you may be better off using a non-merged ROM then, whereby the ROM file contains all the required files to run without the parent. In effect it's a zip with the parent and the specificclone files, under the clone name.

    There's no way to hide ROMs in EmulationStation for the moment.

  • @battlecat But you can use @markwkidd excellent Simple Arcade Multifilter to filter out the roms you don't want. But you need to rebuild your Mame 0.78 to non-merged first.

  • @battlecat One way to do this would be to do the following:

    1. Scrape all of your roms to make sure all are listed in the gamelist.xml file.
    2. Manually edit the gamelist.xml file (usually located in ~/.emulationstation/gamelists/<system>) to remove the unwanted roms.
    3. From the main emulationstation screen, push start, then find the option in the menu that says "Parse gamelist.xml file only" or something like that.
    4. Reboot your system, then enjoy!

    This is how I hide the various bios files as well. Of note, if you add a new system or rom, you'll have to disable the "Parse gamelist.xml" option to see the new roms, unless you've scraped them already.

    Good luck!

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