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Is it possible to install retro pi on a touch pad?

  • Just wondering. THey usually have way better specs then a raspberry pi. And you can get usb adapters for your controller. wonder if there is a usb and hdmi dongle out there. plus you can carry it with you on the go.

  • @deltax5 do you mean an Android device like a tablet? I am pretty sure that there isn't a build of RetroPie for Android. You can get Retroarch emulators on Android though.

  • I hear linux emulators are better thou since they have more time in development.
    Can I get a small laptop and install it or something instead to reach my goal playing n64. I am going to see if I can find one in the used market.
    Maybe i just leave windows on it and get a similar program as retro pi. hi gan is the best emulator out there so i hear and project 64 is amazing.
    It just windows takes a bit of time to boot up

  • @deltax5 you can build RetroPie on top of Linux. Check out the official documents for more info on doing that. I've got a little laptop running Ubuntu and it's pretty good. If you put RetroPie on top of that I think you'll be onto a winner. Pi3 is still not great for N64 emulation.

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