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Powerblock: bypassing USB power

  • On the Powerblock description page, it says:

    Pin Outs for 5V Supply Voltage and Ground
    If you do not want to use the USB connector, GND and the 5V supply voltage can also be accessed via two pins so that you could use batteries or whatever you like to power the RPi.

    Just to verify, would that be wired like in this picture?


  • There are two places on the Powerblock that you can powerup the RPi without using the USB connector on the Powerblock:

    1. Your assumption is correct. The two wires you have indicated is one of the pair.
    2. The other pair is on the barrel jack (J2) pinholes marked (+) and (-) just next to the pinholes you have indicated.

  • Thanks. For some reason, my powerblock is working fine when powered with MicroUSB, but it doesn't power the Pi when I wire it as in the picture above. I'll test my circuits and report back, but if anyone has any ideas right off the top as to why this might be the case, I'd love to hear them!

  • What is your power source? You may not have adequate juice to power the setup.

  • The same official micro-USB adapter that works in the jack, just out through an extender so that it can be powered in a custom case. The placement of the jack isn't ideal, I'm just moving it out.

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