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  • So I decided to scrape metadata for all my games, but realized it will be hard to do for MS-DOS games, as there are usually more files in game folder. For example RetroPie says I have 125 games, even though there are only 10. How do you deal with this?

    I can only think of solution where I create .sh file for every game and put all game files into another directory (outside of PC folder).

  • @spiky If you only have 10 games then just add the info manually.

  • @spiky yes making .sh files and having the files in a different folder is a much cleaner way and it is the way i do it.

  • I made a folder in /home/pi called dosc and then created .sh files for each game manually.

  • thanks guys, will do the same then

  • @Spiky I’m aware the topic is quite obsolete, but I’m approaching the same problem.

    What would be the content of the .sh file?

  • This is the way it looks in my setup (spoken for "SimCity2000"):

    /opt/retropie/emulators/dosbox/bin/dosbox -c "mount c /home/pi/pcroms" -c "c:" -c "cd SC2000" -c "SC2000.EXE" -c "exit"

  • I found another way to scrap it .
    made the folder a zip file .
    then scarp it
    then in the gamelist change the ".zip" to "/" folder .
    thats it (just have the same name of the zip and folder file)

  • @sirhenrythe5th OK, but won't the scraper scrape both, the .sh and .exe/bat files then?

  • @gordonfreemanjr no, because there are only the *.sh-files in the "~/roms/pc/" -folder.
    I outsourced the whole folders with the content of the MS-DOS-Games to "~/home/pi/pcroms" to get rid of all the files in the gamelist ;)

  • Oh, so there's more messing with the config than I thought... I'm assuming you have to edit DosBox's default folder somehow then?

  • @sirhenrythe5th Wait, again:

    1. So, the roms/pc folder contains ONLY .sh files, is that correct?
    2. All DOS game folders are moved over to another folder, which the .sh files address?
      2.1 Can I create a folder for all other game folder - say, DOSBOX DATABASE - inside the roms/pc foder, with the roms/pc containing only the .sh files?
    3. What if a game needs to be installed?

  • @gordonfreemanjr

    1. yes
    2. yes.
      2.1.) yes. and it has not to be in the roms/pc - folder, i used the root-folder instead and created the new folder "pcroms". You have to direct DOSBOX in its config-file to scan this path.
    3. either install it and move the resulting game-(main)folder to your new path or install them in your new folder directly. It is the same procedure as with the preinstalled-packages, which come allready fully configured in their folders ;)

  • @sirhenrythe5th This is amazing! Thank you so much, I can't wait to try this.
    In the script, is there a space right after "bash"? Or is the:

    /opt/retropie/emulators/dosbox/bin/dosbox -c "mount c /home/pi/pcroms" -c "c:" -c "cd SC2000" -c "SC2000.EXE" -c "exit"

    a separate line after an ENTER?

  • it is a space ;)

  • @sirhenrythe5th It doesn’t work.

    ![alt text]A0F9B22E-4170-4D3C-B168-DEF76377761A.jpeg

    Looks like it’s trying to mount roms/pc as the C:/ anyway. I’ve copied your setup and created the pcroms folder in the /roms directory, leaving just the .sh file in the roms/pc directory.

    Might a long folder name (including spaces) be the problem? Also, I’m using lr-dosbox instead of the regular dosbox.

    Here's my SH file:

    /opt/retropie/emulators/dosbox/bin/dosbox -c "mount c /home/pi/pcroms" -c "c:" -c "cd 007 - License to Kill (1989)" -c "BONDE.EXE" -c "exit"

    Any ideas?

  • Global Moderator

    Might a long folder name (including spaces) be the problem? Also, I’m using lr-dosbox instead of the regular dosbox.

    lr-dosbox doesn't support .sh files.

    -c "cd 007 - License to Kill (1989)"

    You know that DOS doesn't support filenames with more than 8 characters, right ? 007 - License to Kill (1989) is not a valid folder name under DOS (not in this form anyway), you should rename it to 007 and re-try.

  • @mitu Thanks. I knew something was wrong with the folder name, just didn't quite remember what the DOS naming restrictions were. Thanks for the reminder.

    Has DOSBox already generated some config files I should delete before?

  • Global Moderator

    @gordonfreemanjr said in Scraping MS-DOS games:

    Has DOSBox already generated some config files I should delete before?

    Most likely no. As an alternative to a .sh file, you can use .conf files with the commands added to the autoexec section.
    For instance, assuming your game is in /home/pi/pcroms/007, you can create a 007 - License to Kill.conf file in your pc rom folder containing:

    mount c /home/pi/pcroms
    cd 007

    They're easier to write and they're supported by lr-dosbox . Plus, you can just start dosbox without any games and enter the commands one by one to check if they're ok.

  • @mitu Amazing! I’ll do that.

    If I use a .conf file this way, can I still save a game specific config via the RetroArch menu? Will it work? (I use it mostoy for the „cycles” option).

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