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  • I have a request, i want to make use of md_marquee in detailed view.
    Reason: I don't want to use videos for several reasons, but i want to have the option to use the extra image provided by md_marquee.
    As of now, I'm forced to set video view as default view and to have gamelists without videos. I do have video files and maybe some day i will use them, but now I'm forced to maintain two versions of gamelists. One with videos and one without. Although i never tested if it would work when i use gamelists with video paths set up but not having them available (by renaming the video folder or not having it at all). But if i remember correctly, ES was crashing when it wasn't able to find files which were defined in gamelists.
    In my personal theme, I use md_marquee to display screenshots instead of actual marquees to workaround the lack of md_screenshot. I even was thinking about using fanart with md_marquee as background images, but i gave up on that idea because it's hard to find fitting images for certain games.

    And since we got video view, i never really understood why md_marquee was bound to video view only. I'm all in for finding ways to workaround certain restrictions, but this one seems unnecessary.

  • @EctoOne I second this, I've requested this before. It makes sense to have boxart and a screenshot option in detail view using the md_marquee. this could give people the option of displaying either static (screenshot) or video view, while still displaying the boxart.

    Plus - for my personal preference, i could turn off my annoying fan noise when using screenshots lol.

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