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Edit: The RPi version of o2em CAN play Videopac+ / Odyssey 3 games!

  • I know that the Windows version does this, but it needs to use a command line option to choose the proper system BIOS. Since there doesn't seem to be much, if any, documentation available for the Linux version of this emulator, does anyone know if games such as Flashpoint (an excellent clone of Robotron 2084) and Norseman can be run with o2em and if so, how?

    I did some experimenting and sure enough, I found that it can play Videopac+ titles. It's not the perfect solution, but it definitely works. What needs to be done is to place the g7400.bin file into the BIOS folder of RetroPie, then rename it to o2rom.bin (delete the existing o2rom.bin or, as I did, rename it to something different like o2rom.bin.bak). It will now use the Odyssey 3 / Videopac+ system ROM to run all cartridges. It would be cool if there was a way to select the BIOS, but for now, this is fine with me.

    I'd love to get The Voice working, but from what I'm seeing, it doesn't seem to be implemented in this version of o2em, or if it is, I've not found the correct place to put the folder of samples for the emulator to use.

  • Hello,
    Out of sentiment,... I tried to have the Videopac games working on my Retropie.
    I cannot find the file: o2rom.bin or g7400.bin anywhere. I found one g7400.bin file but that was only 1kb in size. Cannot be right.

    And, is it then as simple as copying the file to:
    And copying ROMs to:

    I'd love to hear from you.



  • There's reference to the Videopac+ in the Retropie documents:

    It seems to be supported by the lr-o2em core.

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