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project with power button + LED w/ enable_uart

  • Hey everybody,
    lots of thanks, to begin with, to everyone contributing on the retropie project. I decided to show you guys my little, simple retropie box and get some feedback/advice.
    I wanted to make an elegant looking box with a power switch and a power LED.

    1. I wired a momentary button on pins 5 and 6. With this I was able to only turn on the pi. Then I used the script from a tutorial I found on 8bitjunkie to make it also perform a safe shut down.

    2. I wired a red LED. Anode + resistor on pin 8. Cathode on pin 6 (bridged with the button's ground wire)
      This made the LED light up every time I turned the pi on for a couple of seconds. Afterwards it would go off.
      Therefore I added the line "enable_uart=1" in config.txt. Now the LED stays on for as long as the pi is on.

    Since I am new with rpi/linux/retrobox I wanted to ask if any of you knows whether enable_uart has any bad concequences that I am not aware of!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Oh..and here are some pics for you

  • Instead of using the "enable_uart=1" line in config.txt, I found out it might be more optimal to activate the voltage on pin 8 from inside the retropie>raspi-config>interfacing options>Serial.

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