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Blinkt! idea, changing light color for each emulator

  • Hello all!

    I just got my Pi3 and love it so far. I got it mostly for retropie, and have got everything setup well, learning how it works, overclocking it and all that. I saw the blinkt! Light online and like the idea of playing with the LED bar. I was wondering if it would be possible to program the lights to change color depending on the system i am playing in retropie/emulation station? I was thinking something like

    NES=Red SNES=White Sega=Blue

    Would serve no real purpose besides looking cool. So any experts out there think its doable?

    This is the light kit


  • Yes, you can do this. I have a RGB led installed in my case. It does some color cycling on boot, shines blue in emulationstation, fades to green when launching a game, and back to blue on return to ES. I do this with runcommand-onstart and runcommand-onend. And you can afaik get the system string in those shell scripts to do different things per system. So... it should be possible if use the examples from this blinkt website and adapt it for retropie.

  • @analoghero It seems very interesting! Can you give more datails about this? Maybe share this scrip? Thank you! =D

  • @jkacza Sorry to say but i lost the scripts a while ago. Did a fresh install of RetroPie and forgot to back them up. Didnt bother to rewrite them as i moved the pi to a flirc case and there isnt much room and useful mounting points for a led.

    But iirc the scripts were simple. Used this as a template:

    Connected a RGB led to the gpio pins and wrote scripts for startup, game launch and game end.

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