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Libretro Intellivision Emulator

  • Hi everyone! Got the lr-freeintv working and it's great! Thanks to all who contributed to this! Does this work with coleco vison games too? I'm current using the lr-bluemsx emulator but it would be great to have the virtual number pad functionality for those games as opposed to using keyboard. Is there a way to make that happen with this emulator or bluemsx?

  • lr-freeintv works well on my Raspberry Pi 3 running RetroPie 4.4. Thanks for putting it together! I have two questions: a) how do I reset the game? and b) how do I return to emulationstation? I'm SSHing into my pi and rebooting and that isn't exactly efficient!

    I've installed lr-freeintv using I have a limited familiarity for the configuration files of retroarch, but I have Linux skills if I need to get in there modify files. I've also run jstest so I know what all my controller buttons are. Some guidance would help.


  • @slimbrick lr-freeintv is a libretro emulator so pressing hotkey+start should exit the emulator.

  • @quicksilver Thanks, I actually tried that earlier. I have a Logitech F710 controller and I set up the Logitech button as the Hotkey (as discussed here but Hotkey+start didn't get me out of the emulator. I must not have done it properly because it appears that should be the right strategy.

  • @slimbrick Ooops, I answered my own question. I thought all I needed to do was set input_enable_hotkey_btn in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/LogitechGamepadF710.cfg. However, I needed to add both input_enable_hotkey_btn and input_exit_emulator_btn to /opt/retropie/configs/intellivision/retroarch.cfg. Once I did that, all was well.

  • @quicksilver Never tell me to take my time -- I just might. :)

    Anyhow, I fixed the problem that lead to invisible tanks at least. It's fixed, along with a bunch of other things, in the latest version on github. Binaries for Windows and RetroPie 4.4 on the rpi3 are on SourceForge.

  • Recompile, I'm glad to see you're still working on this. I just checked out the tanks today... Yay! So yeah maybe there's supposed to be a delay in the bullet interaction so it doesn't blowup your tank.

    I'm hoping someone will pickup the intellivoice challenge. Would be great to play B17 Bomber on retropie. Also, if supports intv as I expect will happen in the near future, that game will need achievements.

    Thanks again for your efforts here.

  • Some help for people as stuck as I was for some of these steps:
    -You won’t see the directories you need from the Mac finder window. That only shows you four folders, including where to drop the ROMs. You will need to use sftp (I used FileZilla’s) to connect and view the folders in these steps and move your file easily to the home directory, and you will also need to connect a second time with ssh in a separate terminal to change permissions and move stuff around to the folders that the graphical sftp won’t Let you access.

  • @quicksilver said in Libretro Intellivision Emulator:

    When playing tanks, tanks are invisible and shooting instantly destroys your own tank.

    Triple Action had a lot of problems, but the last update seems to have fixed all the issues that were reported and that I found while tinkering. It also fixes the issues caused by some of my earlier, ill-conceived, quick-fixes.

    It's updated on github, so it should be available through retropie-setup sometime soon. (@SavedByZero it's an optional package) I'll have it updated on SourceForge soon.

    This was supposed to be part of a bigger update. I'm hot on the trail of what seems like a major issue affecting several popular games, but I have no idea how long it'll take me to puzzle things out. An update was long overdue and this fixes enough that it seemed worth the trouble.

  • @recompile Awesome, thank you for this! I appreciate all your hard work. I was curious if you were still working on the emulator but I don't like to be pushy when people are providing free software/support. Thanks again!

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