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Atari Flashback 2 Mod

  • to the forums. Figured I would post my Atari Flashback 2 mod.


    My first attempt. The cuts I made for USB ports and the network connection are rough and the label for the buttons got messed up so have to replace that somehow.

    Also, there are things I plan to change on my second attempt, which mainly are shorter cables, access to SD card and enabling power button (buttons are glued and not functional) and other small things.

    But overall, I think it is good first attempt.

  • It looks like you're not using the buttons on the top panel for anything? If not, you should consider removing the buttons and making a laser cut/etched piece to fit in that space to give it some polish. Check out the mod i did to a full sized Atari 2600 (link is in my signature) if you're interested. A shiny slab of buttonless black acrylic with the atari or retropie logo etched into it and painted would be the perfect finish to a project like this.

  • @capeman Looked at your pics...very nice. Hope I can get to that level of detail.

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