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BashROMManager - Delete ROMs with your gamepad!

  • @sano said in BashROMManager - Delete ROMs with your gamepad!:

    And a simple confirmation screen before deleting ?
    Do you want to also delete images, video and gamelist entries for the selected roms ? Yes/No

    Simple simple simple ;)
    Nothing is simple if you want a generic solution. Savegames are not always stored in ROMs directory. You can use this little script, from me to change SRM and SAVESTATE location for every system on the run ;) Works also nice as I now have folder %HOME%/RetroPie/savegames/$system symlinked to a USB drive.

    But you can investigate that script and see that it needs savegame pathes and system description. This can't be offered by a simple call by retropiemenu ;)

  • Simple for the user of course ;)

    I didn't talk about savegames but images and videos (potentially more space eating) are quite easy to find.

    An example for the image path of $rom on $system :
    xmlstarlet sel -T -t -c /gameList/game[path=\"$rom\"]/image -n .emulationstation/gamelists/$system/gamelist.xml

  • @sano Oh sorry ;)
    I do not use any scraper! So I'm not familiar with this. But it's no problem to expand the path the way you want....
    But SSH connection is the preferable solution here ;)

  • v 0.51 released

    Just some cosmetic effects

    • Better Handling of SUBDirectories
    • Resolved error that let's only select 9 items
    • MsgBox for wrong setted pathes
    • ....


  • @cyperghost
    v.061 and v.077 are realeased

    Some cosmetic effects.
    We have now a 4 button layout
    Button 1 selects game to delete or removes them from delte queue
    Button 2 is the fast forward button
    Button 3 jumps back to system selection
    Button 4 is the begins the erase from queue

    Now wen can jump through gamelists
    The jump is calculated in depence of total entries of system

    So if a system contains 1000 Roms, then one jump is 100 entries
    Is it 100 roms then the jump is just 10 entries....

    If we reach the maximum of entries and select further FAST FORWARD then we will be set to first entry again!

    So the navigation through systems with massive entries is much much faster (faster then in ES!)

    So I think a 1.0 release isn't far away ;)
    So please report bugs and errors
    Send some PR if you want


    Used FastForward two times and rushed 20% of gamelist

  • v0.81 available

    Added "load now message...."
    Some code cleanup ans small fixes

  • v0.82 available

    System are now listed even if they contain empty subdirectories

  • Wow this is helpful. The main thing I'm wanting to do is delete incorrect metadata from the gamepad though, not the actual ROMs.

  • @benmclean Well take a look at @meleu's GameList Cleaner via github.

    I think I can push the ROMManager to v0.82+x
    and then give output from system selection and the array that deleted the roms straight to meleus script ;)

    But I think then both programs must be a bit modified to work with. So you can clean your gamelists (and clean your ROMs as optional selection)

    You can avoid to remove the files simply by working in the del_files function by just removing the rm -f "$e" command. But this is a dirty hack and I think it would be cleaner to remove ROM+GameList entry

    AND later to remove MAYBE the video and picture preview ;) But I think that meleu is better for that task as he is more advanced in using xmlstarlet

  • @meleu @Kaltinril I took a bit of action how the cleaner scripts (image and gamelist) work in general.

    @all users
    First thing that stops me from integrating a picture/video remover into the BashROMManager is that there in no evidence that every user got the same file strategy.
    Second: Time shedule!

    I tested these two wonderfull tools on my mashine and they work fine! I was able to remove entries from gamelists - after I removed some ROM files. So I these fine tools are working. But I think the responsibility is to much to remove files and work with fragile xml lists in a "automated" ROM deletion process. Please don't think the scripts are not working or the ROMManager itself is the culprit ... No! I simple have no time for extensive trouble shooting!

    Here is the link to the image-cleaner script powered by meleu, kaltinril and sano
    Here is the link to the gamelist-cleaner script powered by meleu and kaltinril

    I think a chance that I step into integrating this is, if I start to scrape all my ROMs ;) I didn't do that the last 2.5 years so you can calculate if I do this in future. I think I will integrate a "log-file" of deleted rom-files into the BashROMManager and maybe a help section how the cleaner tools should be feed manual.....

    Nevertheless if there is a strong demand maybe @Sano @hiulit @meleu @mitu and others can (if these nice guys got time) help to integrate. My github resporitory is open for everyone...

    I deeply hope, that all these scraper things will be setted in per system SQLite databases once a time. Then it will also be easier to maintain and share such things. So we have a database, were all our roms get one hash string. The hash points to metadata. As long the hash value is in the database the ROM does excitst. To renew the database we have to renew all hash values ;)

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