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Migrating a working RetroPie setup to the new Stretch image

  • @pjft Thats's were they are usually suggested to be saved.
    Still everybody installing them manually is free to decide where to place overlays by editing overlay specific CFGs accordingly.

  • @udb23 Thanks. Added a note on that and a few other bits and bobs that I had since noticed in my upgrade.

  • @pjft Do you have a script to perform this file backup and restore ? It could be useful to me too :-)

  • @udb23 I certainly don't. I mostly plug the second SD card to the USB port with a reader, run


    to check what USB device it's on (sda, sdb), and then assuming it's sdbfor the sake of this exercise, and I'm currently running the Jessie pi, I'd run:

    sudo mkdir /backupmnt
    sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /backupmnt
    rsync --dry-run --delete --partial --ignore-errors  -avzh <source path> /backupmnt/<destpath parent folder>

    and, if all went well, then I'd run the rsync command without dry-run.

    I only learned after a few tests that if I ran, for instance,

    sudo rsync --delete --partial --ignore-errors  -avzh /opt/retropie/configs /backupmnt/opt/retropie/configs

    That it'd create a configs folder under the destination path, so for that case I need to run

    sudo rsync --delete --partial --ignore-errors  -avzh /opt/retropie/configs /backupmnt/opt/retropie/

    Still, when you run with --dry-run it'll list you the files it'll copy over and the ones it'll delete, so you'll have a sense of whether it sounds right. This will only copy new or modified files, and delete existing ones in the destination that don't exist in the source.

    Remember to unmount it in the end :)

    Happy to chat further about it if it helps.

    EDIT: for clarity, I run the rsync command for each of the folders.

  • @pjft Thanks a lot. Really good to know!

  • Hi - I need to undertake this task. I am using 4.3 and the image took about 6 months to perfect, I love it. However I don't want to get left behind so need to plan to upgrade.

    I think the best mode is to buy a new SD card and copy over, however how are you copying the directories from 1 SD to another? I did think to wireless connect to the PI and copy the directories off using Explorer.

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    @g0nz0uk Copying the folders over using your PC is the easiest way - after enabling the Wifi on the Pi.

  • Hi,
    With backing up your rims, bios etc and then restoring them to the new install did u have to manually re-setup your name control configuration or was that contained in the backup?


  • @Dwarfboysim the controllers and control mappings will be in the emulation station folders, and part in the RetroPie configs one - both mentioned in the first post. Did you backup and restore those folders?

  • Hi,
    I actually followed a guide to upgrade to stretch and deploy 4.4 over my existing setup. All looks to be running well.

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