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Does someone has owncloud installed on top of retropie ?

  • Hello all,
    I just got my house connected through optical fiber, woohoo.
    Now that I have a pretty decent internet connection, especially for upload, I would like to setup an owncloud install (my rpi 3B is up 24/7).
    I have no doubt it can be installed on raspbian Stretch (and so on top of retropie).
    I'm just wondering if one of you already tested this setup, especially regarding memory/cpu consumption, and impact on retrogaming.
    I very probably won't use owncloud when at home (so it'll be idle when playing), but I'm a bit afraid that apache/mysql load could lower gaming performances.
    I think I'll test it anyway, but if one of you has already tested it, it could save me some configuration time :)

  • So I'm answering myself : it works, but performances are far from good.
    The apache and SQL process take one core to 100% every few minutes, and for optimal perfs I would have to activate memory caching.
    Those certainly will have performance impact on gaming :)
    Guess I'll have to find another solution.
    My 2 cents.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • @sano Why not use nginx, lighttpd and SQLite as really lightweigt alternative? Apache und SQL sockets are heavy weighted.

  • @cyperghost
    Because I wanted to quickly test a basic install to check feasibility.
    As NGINX and lighttpd are not supported AFAIK, configuration would have been far longer :)
    Regarding SQLite, it's simple, but I'm not convinced that it would be less resource-intensive, especially with "production" data (maybe a few thousands files).
    That said, at first glance, retrogaming needs (graphical memory reservation, low latency and at least a core fully available) and owncloud needs (memory caching, usage of many cores, regular cpu intensive operations) appears to no be very compatible on the same RPi.
    But if someone has another analysis, I'll be glad to try it again :)

  • @sano said in Does someone has owncloud installed on top of retropie ?:

    As NGINX and lighttpd are not supported AFAIK

    They are supported but need some changes done manually.
    I just use a nginx and sqlite config on a Raspberry 1 only. It's not the quickest thing but it does it's job for a small 5 user enviroment.

    If you only focus on files maybe you can give SEAFILE a chance. It seems faster .... but I never tried this.
    If you only focus on sharing Contact Data and calenders then BAIKAL is a very fast setup, too. (BAIKAL is by far better then own/nextcloud for sharing calendars)

    But thanks for you experience ;)

  • @cyperghost
    Thanks for the hints !
    I just tested seafile. It doesn't seem to have recurrent tasks that load the system like owncloud.
    But nearly everytime I go on a page of the UI, python takes 100% of 1 to 2 cores during 5-10s, which is the time the page takes to load on my local network (withe empty repository - sic).
    Moreover, unlike owncloud, seafile doesn't allow to mount and use various external storages (including SMB, S3, google, ...).
    It's an interesting software, pretty easy to configure, but the more I test, the more I think the RPi kind of lacks power for this kind of applications, especially if it already hosts retropie.

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