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Universal XML Scraping not working for Genesis

  • For 2 days, I've been trying to figure out a problem I've been having.
    I had all of my ROMS scraped using Universal XML scraper. Everything was beautiful....until I changed the the UI to show Sega Genesis instead of Megadrive.

    At first, the text (rating, description) remained, while the image was gone.
    The folder paths in the gamelist XMLfile seemed to be pointing to the correct locations.
    I even went as far as removing all Genesis ROMS, removing the downloaded images and gamelist XML file for Genesis.
    I then re-added the ROMS, and started the scraping process for Genesis from scratch.
    Universal XML Scraper appears to be doing the scraping, as it does take some time at each ROM it finds.

    I rebooted the Pie and now only see the list of games. No descriptions, no images...nothing.
    Only issue is with Genesis. All other platforms display everything correctly.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance!

  • have you tried steven selph's scraper?

  • You have to scrape for Megadrive.

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