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Install Retropie on a 2007 edition "Extreme arcade" (by The Chicago Gaming Company)?

  • I have an old arcade machine from 2007 that uses an SD card to store it's little operating system and games. Problem is, the games suck and I would much rather install retropie over the existing garbage and once again have use for the arcade machine. Im not sure if it would be possible to get retropie to run on it though... Thanks for any help.

  • Is it possible? YES. But you might might have to do a lot of modifications to make it work. You won't be able to install retropie onto the computer thats inside, You will have to replace it with a raspberry pi. The control panel may need to be modified to work over USB. You need to get a HDMI to VGA adaptor. I don't know how the speakers work. So they may have to be replaced. It won't be an easy job.

  • @yertoo If the Arcade machine can run Linux then it may be possible but you'd need to determine the hardware of the arcade machine.

  • It seems that at least someone did it :

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