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[ES-Theme] Megarace for CRT and HD TV's

  • Hi, with my CRT configurations I've been asked and also wondering myself about adjusting emulationstation to better fit the TV screen without adjusting the overscan (which cannot be used for the purpose of accuracy). With that in mind I went ahead and tried my hand creating a simple theme that can be used without losing information due to overscan.

    Since I made a change to my configs that make the CRT only theme obsolete I decided to remove it and drop the "HD" moniker from the HD oriented theme.
    I also used this opportunity to add grid view to the theme, I'm quite happy with the result.

    alt text

    detailed/video view:
    alt text

    grid view:
    alt text

    The theme should support everything, but let me know if I missed something.

    With nothing more to add, you can get the themes down here.

  • Whew Boy, this takes me back.

    I used to have MegaRace on my Packard Bell 486 computer. I remember the host being quite funny.

  • very nice, i think i might give it a shot.
    kinda reminds me of old school windows after i was done changing the colors.

  • Interesting colour scheme, but don't the inactive (not selected) games in the game list blend a little too much into the background?

  • update:

    • removed CRT theme
    • renamed "HD" theme
    • added grid view

    the CRT only theme is now unneeded so I removed it and instead renamed the "HD" one and added grid view.

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