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Armbian OS RetroPie Images for Tinker Board + Build System

  • Okay, so I wrote the image Armbian with RetroPie to my SD with Etcher, and everything is going okay. Im just having issues with the not being found. Am I not supposed to have that, and if I am, how exactly do I run it? Sorry for the noob question

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    @TranSe I don't think that script exists in RetroPie - how are you trying to install RetroPie ?

  • @mitu RetroPie is already there, I think I have everything working now. Haven't had time to try in-game yet though

  • Eveything in RetroPie is running smoothly! Games are running as they should, nothing seems off about anything there. Really happy with it. The only problem I'm running into is my 5inch LCD HDMI screen only works if I run the games 640x480 resolution (not a problem for me personally) and unplug the TV hdmi to plug in the LCD hdmi. Does not display RetroPie menu when booting or when exiting the game (screen goes back to blue screen with "no signal". I'm not sure how to change the resolution of the tinker board completely to a resolution of 800x480 or below. If anyone knows how to change the tinker board resolution in a whole, please let me know!

  • Hello I just wanted to say thanks for the great work on this. Almost everything works smoothly, however I seem to have an issue with the HDMI audio not working properly with my 4k Vizio tv. I've tried using the audio fix mentioned here and I do get audio in the retropie main menu, but whenever I select any game from any emulator the audio just craps out and stops working as soon as I start a game. When I unplug and replug the hdmi cable while I'm playing a game I can usually get my sound back, but sometimes does not. Sometimes the audio even works continuously when i've switched games across different emulators and sometimes it does not.

  • this HDMI audio issue is the only thing keeping me from moving to Retropie on TinkerBoard, neither of the fixes worked for me also, its weird that with ROTT's image HDMI audio is working like it should. But i think Armbian's based image is cleaner and well polished.

  • @dishins said in Armbian OS RetroPie Images for Tinker Board + Build System:


    I jsut wanted to add that when I build the the image using the instructions on the git hub page U-boot can't find the installation when the image is flashed to the emmc module. However it does work when you flash it to a SDcard.

  • So I added Lakka to another SD card and tried that with my Tinker Board with Pi LCD screen and it works perfectly. Is there a way to add some sort of RPi LCD screen support? Everything else is pretty flawless (haven't checked the audio fix as I primarily use my boards as handhelds and use the headphone anyways)

  • I tried Lakka as well but had serious trouble with pairing bluetooth controllers and the board just power ciclying randomly sometimes. My next try is testing Retroarch on top of the Bare Armbian Image provided by @EriHoss, to see if it works without the HDMI Audio issue and take advantage of the GPU boost script.

  • hi @EriHoss and everyone.
    to today someone could solve the problem of the audio HDMI??

    i install @EriHoss retropie image, the emulation is very good, but I could not make the audio work.

    I tried to use script to build new kernel 4.19, but it does not work either (in a Ubuntu 18.04 VM with docker disable)


    Any advance?


    PD: Sorry my english

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