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Collectors, how big is your stash of Pi games?

  • @shavecat i also spent a lot of time to search nice Artworks/Flyers for each game without scraping.
    Was worth the work.
    A lot of stuff you collected! 😮👍
    I reduced my collection to those games i really like, full romsets would include too much Trash for me.

  • @sirhenrythe5th
    yeha crazy time spent ;)
    and not really dont have any duplicates or games that are not working...
    but yeha lots of trash haha

  • @shavecat I often try to only have 1 or 2 versions in my collection, depending how different they are. But there are some exceptions. I bet you have all versions of Earthworm Jim and Street Fighter 2 included? What is your controller setup? I use SNES gamepad for almost anything, besides Arcade games. They are played with an Arcade stick. Alone this difference is sometimes a reason to include "duplicates". Sadly, no other input device here (besides mini keyboard/mouse for starting some computer games). The amount of games you have included is insane! Just a question, are a descendant to Kefka or somehow related to him?^^

    In general, I would be interested in the decisions and reasoning on one version over the another version of a game. Obviously this applies only to curated list of less games. I am also interested in the hacks you all included. (Maybe on a different thread? I mean, there are a lot of related threads.)

  • @thelostsoul
    duplicates sure but in different consoles (sega32x,snes,segacd) and so but not double games in the same folder...
    controller ps3 (dualshock 3 ) and 1 arcade stick (pretty lame) mini keyboard/mouse also the same.
    thanks a lot love too share what i collect ;)

    descendant to Kefka ? who is that haha (guess not ...)
    Sure about the hacks the are so many its crazy so i have the best that i found and couples more (with snaps videos and all), sure tell me where .

  • @shavecat said in Collectors, how big is your stash of Pi games?:

    descendant to Kefka ? who is that haha (guess not ...)

    Too late. ;-)
    Kefka is one of the most memorable villains in the Final Fantasy history or even in the whole jrpg culture ever. He looks a bit strange and he is completely insane megalomaniac, taking over the world (yeah sounds cliche). The game is Final Fantasy VI. :-)

    Sure about the hacks the are so many its crazy so i have the best that i found and couples more (with snaps videos and all), sure tell me where .

    Existing popular threads are here, if you not already know them:
    I am in the process of adding more hacks currently, can't stop it, i am addicted. Will post there again.

  • @thelostsoul
    ohhh shit ff VI im getting old ... haha.
    sure i will check it there :)

  • I'm expanding right now. I'm bit with the hoarder bug. You should see my gaming PC. Not only does it have all these, but also games that aren't playable on the Pi.

    Atari 2600 - 474
    Atari 2600 Hacks - 12
    Atari 7800 - 66
    Atari Lynx - 84
    Coleco - 159
    FBA - 1740
    FDS - 270
    FDS Hacks - 11
    Game Gear - 377
    Game Boy - 1086
    Game Boy Hacks - 33
    Game Boy Advance - 1675
    Game Boy Advance Hacks - 27
    Game Boy Color - 962
    Game Boy Color Hacks - 13
    Sega Genesis - 1023
    Sega Genesis Hacks - 48
    MAME - 2707
    Sega Master System - 372
    Sega Master System Hacks - 10
    Nintendo 64 - 302
    Nintendo 64 Hacks - 9
    Neo-Geo - 143
    Nintendo - 1673
    Nintendo Hacks - 215
    NegoGeo Pocket - 10
    NeoGeo Pocket Color - 76
    PC Engine - 307
    PC Engine Hacks - 1
    "Ports" - 16
    Playstation - 1447 (includes hacked Japan->English)
    Sega 32X - 36
    Sega 32X Hacks - 1
    SG-1000 - 92
    Super NES - 1828
    Super NES Hacks - 160
    Vectrex - 44
    Virtual Boy - 26
    Wonderswan - 110
    Wonderswan Color - 91
    Infocom - 3

    Total: 17,854 (According to the "All Games" Filter).

    I actually have more I'm working on scraping and adding right now. I have a full Game&Watch collection, and a SegaCD collection I'm working on. I also have a full NintendoDS and PSP collection to go through. Only THEN can I relax and start deciding what I want next. I know I'd like to get some DOS games, and then work on some Dreamcast. A buddy of mine from work has some PCE-CD games I'd like to play. There's also stuff like Amiga and ZXSpectrum I have no experience with. And once I figure out how to make it work, I'm going to be adding a collection of Atari 800 and Atari ST games (the 2 systems I had growing up with) too.

  • @hansolo77
    Atari 2600 - 648
    Atari - 7800
    lynx - 76
    Wonder Swan Color - 84
    PC - 274
    Turbo Grafx 16 - 94
    Turbo Grafx Cd - 5
    Super Grafx - 5
    Nintendo Game and Watch - 55
    Virtual Boy - 24
    Game Boy - 565
    Game Boy Hacks - 19
    Game Boy Color - 535
    Game Boy Advance - 1022
    Game Boy Advance Hacks - 26
    Nintendo DS - 181
    Nintendo - 791
    Nintendo Hacks - 6
    Super Nintendo - 787
    Super Nintendo Hacks - 37
    N64 - 293
    Game Gear - 249
    Game Gear Hacks- 4
    SG-1000 - 68
    Deamcast - 8
    Sega Master System - 281
    Sega Mega Drive - 784
    Sega Genesis Hacks - 192
    Sega 32x - 32
    Sega - 13
    Neo Geo Pocket - 40
    Neo Geo - 146
    Minis - 293
    Playstaion 1 - 67
    Arcade Classics / MAME - 2361
    Daphine - 3
    Light Gun - 41
    Commodore 64 - 147
    CPC - 3277
    MSX - 567
    MSX 2 - 83
    PC Games - 95
    Scumm VM - 13

  • Wow, I thought I was excessive. I do try to keep it to things that are in English (although some of the really early stuff I don't worry as it really doesn't matter) but on my primary build I have:
    Atari 2600: 505
    Game & Watch: 59
    SG-1000: 83
    NES: 1031
    Atari 7800: 57
    Master System: 264
    TurboGrafx 16: 94
    Genesis: 763
    Game Boy: 609
    TurboGrafx CD: 45
    Lynx: 75
    NeoGeo: 137
    Game Gear: 257
    SNES: 780
    Sega CD: 113
    Sega 32X: 33
    Playstation 1: 1140
    Game Boy Color: 532
    NeoGeo Pocket Color: 42
    Game Boy Advance: 1017
    According to All Games collection: 7636

    I do also have both Sega & Nintendo exclusive builds but their collections are the same as their respective systems above. I think when I get moved I will finally start heavily into my Odroid build for Dreamcast, 64, NDS, PSP, etc and at some point I would like to add some MAME stuff or do an arcade standalone build. On my NAS I keep basically full ROM sets for everything I can find... the compulsion is kind of ridiculous.

  • @ballboff said in Collectors, how big is your stash of Pi games?:

    I don't see the point of this. Scrolling through that many games isn't fun. Take the gamecube for instance, out of the 600 games released, there are only say bout 5 or 6 that are playable.

    Wait, what? 5 or 6 playable games on the GC? Er no!

    However I do agree that having too many on the Pi is a pain. I've tried to hand curate my collection down to a more reasonable 64GB, and personally I think that's a good limit for the Pi. Any more and it's overkill for me, plus it slows Emulationstation down too. I'm currently trying to manually curate my MAME collection and it is proving hard work, but it has to be done. There are too many obscure puzzle games and mahjong games, clones and many other games that don't work and will never work on the Pi. They have to go. I've got it down to about 1700 right now and I think I'm nearly done. Hope I am anyway! Be nice to just download a finished set but everywhere you look it's complete set or nothing.

    I do support the idea of going much further with a more focused setup, say a few dozen titles for each system comprised of games that you know you'll want to play, but I do like the discover-ability of having a nice large MAME set. Like for example, this morning in fact I discovered a marvellous 1983 game I'd never played or even heard of before and it is truly superb - Blaster. Rather than feeling like a retro game it plays more like a modern take on a retro game. Absolutely superb gameplay, and without a good set I would never have found it.

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