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Sega Megadrive case from RetroFlag!

  • Here ya go Sega fans! It's not a Genesis(sorry US players) but a Megadrive shell from Retroflag! Looks great and the LED works as well. Top storage compartment. Functional ON/OFF/RESET with the installed scripts.

    alt text

  • Awesome sauce!!!

  • Nice.
    I have one of these.

    But I never wanted to ruin the case just to fit a Pi, so this MegaPi case looks the next best thing.

  • @ClassicGMR Woah... that is outstanding!

  • Also comes with a controller.

  • Meant to post up about this. Spotted it on Amazon the other day while busy at work (lol!) and nearly soiled myself! Promptly rushed home and ordered. I cannot believe how awesome it looks! Grabbed the unit with a controller and an extra controller also (wanted the complete package). Also finally bought a new Pi 3B+ to go with it.

    I'm 45 and waiting for the delivery feels like waiting for Christmas when you're like 7 or something!

  • I've got one coming on I believe Monday. Totally making a Sega only build to put next to my RetroFlag SNES case. I'm hoping the build quality on the 6 button controller is as good as their SNES controller.

  • Just saw a video review on this, it’s freakin awesome!

  • Still awaiting the case but the extra controller I ordered has arrived first. Really very nice imho, though it is definitely smaller than the original. Need to spend a bit more time with it but so far it is very comfortable, doesn't feel cheap and the d-pad is absolutely brilliant. Popping off combos with ease this morning on SF2, and breezing through Musha. These types of game pad massively improve the feel of 2D consoles imho.

  • It looks like mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow!

  • I finally set mine up and I like the way it goes together. The space for the fan doesn't leave much room for a heatsink. This isn't an issue for me, I'm not overclocking the 3B+ I put in it since it would be overkill for the Sega only build it was purchased for.

    The build quality of the controller is the same high level that the SNES controller they released. I do have to agree with @Ranma that it is a bit on the small side.

    I don't like how tight the door for SD card access is but once my system is tweaked I won't really be changing cards at all.

    Another great Retroflag case!

  • Wow! That is really awesome.

  • Finally got this now, and have set the new Pi3b+ up inside. Tight fit, and a hairy moment when I noticed one of the light blue wires had come loose from the USB module. Argh! Luckily it was just a case of popping it back in, and no panic. I also got a very small fan installed which works well and is quiet. No voltage alerts as I'm using the official PSU.

    Massively impressed. Really satisfies my Sega cravings! Installed the safe shutdown script easily and it seems to work just fine. Just now getting a fresh Retropie install set up. Can't wait to get going properly with it. Thrilled like a kid at Christmas!

  • How easy is it to fit the micro sdcard ?
    On my NESPi, one major problem I have with it is that it's very easy to miss the sdcard slot and pop the card inside the case, rather than inside the slot. I then have to take the case apart to get to the sdcard, and this NESPi case isn't easy to take apart due to the poor way it's screwed together. Due to this, and a few comments I have read on reviews, I now only use 4 screws to hold it together.
    I'm hoping this Sega case is a lot easier to fit together.
    Can you make use of the same fan that came with the NESPi case ?

  • I can see how you might miss the slot if you push it at an angle (I've certainly read that some have a problem) but it seems pretty easy to me and I have clumsy hands. At first the spring loaded vent seems a swine to open but you soon get used to that too. I can't say i find it any trickier than my SNES case (the non-Retroflag version). Dunno about the fan as I bought a new one especially for this case as advised in one of the reviews on YT. I didn't have any trouble to be honest when putting it together (other than my aforementioned wire coming loose), and despite it being a tight fit it all closes together really nicely. I just wanted to stick the Pi in and not have to go in it ever again, and fingers crossed this may be a possibility.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I have one in my Amazon list, and just to know - if possible.....
    Do you think this might be ok ?

    I can't see a reason not, but I can't see inside the case, and whether there is any plastic that might hit it.
    I agree about the sdcard, I now put it in at a downward angle - so it doesn't have a chance to slip inside the case.

  • @John_RM_70 I don't like the MicroSD card slot on the NES case for that very reason. They have greatly improved it with both the SNES and this new MegaDrive Case. I agree with @Ranma that the door on this case is a bit annoying to open but I'm not planning on taking out the card once I get everything tweaked to my liking.

    Your fan should fit just fine.

  • @simpleethat Thanks, thats good to know.
    I am always modifying the config.txt, and as you know it can't be done over a network due to write permissions. So, I think I will leave it as it is, for now, and just order the case. Should be here later tomorrow.

  • Really sorry for late response. Not that I'm much use now I'm here as I really couldn't say re: your fan choice. To be honest I wouldn't fancy my chances with adding anything extra in the case as it really is a close fit. I bought a small fan (30x30x7) and that clicks nicely into place in the case as there's a spot for it, and my new Pi just about goes in with very small heatsinks on. Anything more custom than that I would say if you're doing it, please post up and let us know how you get on. Good luck! :-)

  • @Ranma Cheers for the comment, anyway.
    It looks like I have to now wait until Sunday, as it's sold out from my initial supplier and I'm now with a supplier who can't do next-day prime. Oh well, a day off on Sunday, then. I just hope the delivery man doesn't skip Sunday and deliver Monday - I've had this a few times in the past.

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