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lr-fbalpha now fast on PiZero & rpi1

  • @lostless said in lr-fbalpha now fast on PiZero & rpi1:

    @barbudreadmon Im using build cb4826a. I guess some games speed up better then others. I tested neo geo and was a tad faster. Games like simpsons arcade I noticed no change. But its still not full speed on a pi zero. But was fun to test out.

    I explained it was only affecting games using the m68k cpu, simpsons is not one of them.
    Could you try using a frameskip of 1 in core options for neogeo ? To see if the bottleneck is the rendering.

  • @lostless said in lr-fbalpha now fast on PiZero & rpi1:

    Im using build cb4826a

    What the fuck with that commit actually ? It doesn't even exist in, seems to me like you are not even using the right emulator...

  • @barbudreadmon lol, that build number is from mame2003...of last year.

  • @Darksavior Thanks for confirming. I guess we are back to step 1 then.

    @lostless congratulations on pissing me off, how is it even possible to not notice you are running the wrong emulator when it is written next to the commit, and i even explained you needed to set cyclone in core options, which you obviously didn't, seriously.... no need to do more tests, you are obviously not trustworthy.

  • @barbudreadmon I’m really trying to help here. Im sorry if there has been any misunderstanding here. I’m no stranger to computers and retropie. I somehow made a simple mistake. How? Beats me. Lol. Anyway, I really want to figure this out. The real build number is cdc6d71. I have enabled the cyclone, restarted the emulator and did notice a difference in neo geo games. Turned on frameskip to 1, and it’s almost full speed. So the cyclone driver is working, just not full speed. And that’s not a complaint, but a report on the status of this emulator on a pi zero. I really do appreciate your efforts.

  • @lostless Might be that the neogeo driver had too many accuracy fixes over the years then, because on my rpi1, neogeo through the old lr-fbalpha repository (now known as lr-fbalpha2012) was close to full speed (~60 fps with some slowdowns iirc). Might be a good idea to backport the cyclone stuff to lr-fbalpha2012 actually.

    What about cps1/cps2 ?

  • @barbudreadmon cps1 and 2 (tested strider, final fight, and cadillacs and dinosaurs) are almost there. There are small moments in which they are running at full speed, but typically are running at around 90-95% speed. Soooooooooo close.

  • @lostless i'll notify fbalpha2012 maintainer about this, perhaps he'll be interested in porting cyclone.

  • Hi everyone.

    I decided to give the Cyclone (in addition to the frameskip: 1) option a try, and I have to say that it does improve performance quite a lot.

    I'm experiencing issues with the load/save state. When I try to load or save the emulator crashes, and I'm back on Emulationstation.
    I tried to delete previous save states, and/or use the autosave option without any success.
    When I try to use the autosave option, it looks like it is only able to save it once.

    I ended up testing different options, and I eventually, I was able to get things running correctly on a previous version of lr-fbalpha.

    To be more specific:

    • It works fine on 1.7.5 - lr-fbalpha v0.2.97.44 - cfbe1e1
    • it breaks on 1.7.6 - lr-fbalpha v0.2.97.44 - bd60621

    I tried everything on a fresh Retropie image to make sure nothing else was interfering with this behavior.

    Any suggestion?

  • Hi @barbudreadmon,

    I'm not sure if you are the best person to ask this question to, but since you started this thread I'm going to give it a try.

    I have been using the Cyclone: enable option and setting frameskip: 1 on FB Neo on Retropie (PiZero), and I surely see a substantial improvement in performance.
    As I wrote in my previous message from last year, when I try to load/save a game, emulationstation crashes and it goes back to the game list.

    Yesterday I saw that there is a new version of Retropie (Version 4.5.1) available, and in the change-log it's mentioned that it now supports Cyclone for improved performance.
    I tried it from a fresh install, but sadly I get the same issues.

    Do you have any suggestions that could help me in debugging and hopefully fixing the issue?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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