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RetroPie 3.7 Released!

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    We are pleased to announce the release of RetroPie 3.7

    We are releasing RetroPie 3.7 in celebration of the release of our new website and new forum at

    It can be downloaded here:

    For more information see release here:

    Changes since 3.6:

    • Added new experimental modules:
      • The Ur Quan Masters (Port of DOS game Star Control 2).
      • Xrick (Port of Rick Dangerous).
      • Tyrquake (Standalone, not libretro).
      • Solarus Engine (Homebrew Zelda Clone).
      • SDLPoP (Prince of Persia Port).
      • Cannonball (Outrun Engine).
      • Stratagus (Warcraft and Starcraft Engine).
      • OpenBOR (Beats of Rage 2d Sidescrolling Game Engine).
      • Commander Genius (Port of Commander Keen).
      • Micropolis (Open source version of Sim City Classic).
      • Aleph One (Open Source port of Marathon Series).
      • Giana’s Return (Fan-Made sequel to the Giana Sisters).
      • Lincity (Sim City Clone).
      • Simcoupe (SAM Coupé Emulator).
    • LXDE Desktop (Option in raspi-tools to reinstall the desktop environment).
    • Updated Kodi to Kodi 16 (which includes joypad support).
    • Updated PS3 Module (timeout fixed).
    • SDL2 PS3/Wii U Pro controller fixes.
    • UAE4Arm updated.
    • lr-mame2003 updated with sample/nvram support and additional core settings.
    • Mupen64plus updated with fix for black screen with rice plugin.
    • Scummvm Improvements (updated to 1.8 with OpenGL and partial Myst support).
    • Updated Config Editor (
    • Updated Carbon and Pixel Themes and added default images to the RetroPie Menu.
    • Added “Other Settings” menu to Emulationstation with “save metadata on exit” and “parse gamelists only”. These options were added to mitigate the long boot and shutdown times with large romsets.
    • Various other improvements and fixes.
      Thanks to BuZz, Gizmo98, Herb, Rookervik and Zerojay and all others that have contributed to this release.

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