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If a no-intro rom is "(Europe)" does that always mean it's PAL?

  • I have a no-intro pack that only has a "(Europe)" version of Super Metroid in it. I can't imagine there isn't a "(USA)" version that was created so I'm kind of scratching my head why it's not in my pack because otherwise this rom set seems very complete. So now I'm wondering:

    1. Is this (Europs) rom definitely a PAL version?
    2. Does that mean it runs at 50 fps in an emulator or do the emulators bypass that and run at 60 anyway?
    3. If not for the filename, how else can you tell if a rom is PAL?

  • @brimby It is overwhelmingly likely that European ROM files will be using the old PAL standard. Most emulators will run the game internally at 50fps but output 60fps to modern displays if you set them to do so. That means the unoptimized PAL ports that ran at incorrect speeds on original hardware will still have that problem preserved in most emulators at. If a game also had an NTSC release in a language that you can read, it's generally recommended that you use that file instead.

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