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    ill bow down to @mitu for advice on how to setup your aspect ration index in retropie. I personally done it through retropie setup.

    I usually use retroarch from it native environment it ok to edit the confings there if you choose to or change option in RA because it saves the settings on exit.

    Rretropie configs are best done through retropie setup as it runs retroarch in a different kind of environment so i wouldn't advise hand editing unless you know what your doing

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    @schmiddyman Why do you set aspect_ratio_index explicitely ? As @grant2258 said, you should leave it as 'core provided', there is no need to set it yourself. One use is when you want add bezels and you'd want to provide a custom resolution, but if you're not, then I don't see why you'd override the defaults (core provided).

  • @mitu It works for me when I don't specify it. The only problem is that it rotates to the wrong direction for my coffee table setup. I ended up having to define rotation for every single game I want to play in vertical mode.

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    rotate your monitor then

  • @grant2258 I have a fixed setup. I cannot rotate the monitor. Have a look at the pic above

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    you can rotate it 180

  • @grant2258 I don't understand what you mean. I can rotate the whole screen in /boot/config.txt. But the rotation of tate mode is always relative to the current orientation and will rotate 90 degrees to the left. Looking from the front of my cabinet, player 1 is always left and player 2 right. For the horizontal mode the two players are on the front side. I need to switch my modes between horizontal and vertical mode all the time because of the particular roms.

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    the rotation for tate made rotates right ie you have to rotate your monitor right to see the image. If you mirror this it will in the config it will effect this rotate.

  • @grant2258 If you rotate your monitor physically to the right, the screen rotation goes to the left. Changing the config.txt -> display_rotate to 2 doesn't change the direction of the tate rotation. I tried this already.

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    im not sure what your issue is here the tate mode does rotate right this is what arcades do

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