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[opendev] The Background Music Box

  • @Superman550 Then your array for mp3 files is empty. Place your mp3 files directly to /home/pi/BGM not in subfolders. Our can you tell me how your mp3 files are arranged? They need a mp3 file externsion as well.

    PS: If there are subfolders you can try to change line 76 -maxdepth 1, to 2 or completly remove this argument. You see sadly I got no response for this as I coded so I wasn't aware of different setups ;)

    EDIT: Tried with -maxdepth 2 and yes I can now acess subfolders within playlists. So this could be a possible solution. I do not change the code as long there are some responses.

  • @cyperghost i did have the files in the BGM folder and i only did one to test the script out and i did have the music player script installed but when i did disabled the music player from running at start up your script worked again

  • Loving the script!
    1 question: I notice when I select a song, once that song is over mpg123 stops by default.
    How would I go about, or is it possible to modify the command so that once the selected song is over, it returns to shuffle mode on its own without the need to re-enter the script?

    Thanks for your work!

  • @ketaketish Thank you

    I notice when I select a song, once that song is over mpg123 stops by default.

    Yes that's a behaviour I'm aware of. But see my BGM tracks have a length of more then 60 min per track. If you want to continue music then you need a second call to mpg123 inside the script. But this is not good coding because the second will check every x seconds if the current session of mpg123 is still running or you can use wait command.

    I think it is not a great deal to restart the player in shuffle mode if you want to select a new track. Everything else is not clean coding imho. The best solution would be a player inside ES ;)

  • @cyperghost Thank you for your response!
    I must admit, I have not listened to your tracks... I kind of immediately added my own :S
    60min tracks would definitely be less of a nuance compared to my 2mins tracks haha.

    That explanation makes perfect sense. I am not as well-versed so I was more curious if it were possible but I do see that making a check every X seconds is a waste of resources.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  • @cyperghost Just had a thought (if its a no then all good):

    Would there be a way to analyse the selected mp3 file for its duration? Then output that into say "Length", then use "wait $Length" before returning to shuffle?

    I love learning this stuff and have been doing most of it so far through these forums and "Trial and Error" and have learned all the Linux I know so far through it. So I do appreciate your explanations :)

  • @ketaketish about mp3 lenght... There are surly tools available that can analyse track length.

    Easiest approch would be a small script like this

    while pidof mpg123 > /dev/nul; do
         sleep 10
    mpg123 -q -Z /path/to/mp3files/*.mp3

    Then you send this script to background alongside with the script. You add a line between 101 and 102 like
    /path/to/script/above/ &

    It's a dirty hack but will work

    EDIT: Improved the dirty hack a bit

  • @ketaketish Even if this is a very old topic. I've added the length of mp3 files (for current song only)
    There is a package mp3info - it's very capable in getting info of tracks ;)

    The whole script is improved alot.
    Please install the tools lsof and mp3info before with sudo apt install lsof mp3info
    The script will run without these but it will look more nice with the tools installed.

    Default player is mpg123
    Please change the player inside the script or install with sudo apt install mpg123
    mpg123 is the smallest mp3 I know for Debian .... it's very relyable and small in footprint and won't hurt your system setup!


    • Code Cleanup
    • Show length of current played song in mm:ss
    • use realpath for path resolving
    • use /dev/null hack to use mpg123 with Raspbian stretch (=RetroPie 4.5.1)

  • It's possible to see tracklength of current selected track...

    Ugly hack!! removed!!!

    and add --item-help to your dialog config, then you can see tracklength of selected mp3 title ;) Maybe somebody can improve the coding .... I did it just in a swift way.

  • So this is an updated version of the music player with additional info to selected mp3 file. See bottom line ....

    Get it from here

  • i understand that this topic is old. but a different bgm player is no longer woking properly. That and im having way more fun setting it up and having bgm work the way it should. That being said its kind of a shame this project didnt go far, i aim to change that. Is is possible to set a different volume level for mpg123 than master setting of ES? to keep the music at a tollerable level i cant hear the games. id have to set the volume the moment i get out of a game and that can be a hassle. so im hoping there is a script or something i can use to remedy this

  • Global Moderator

    @majikill said in [opendev] The Background Music Box:

    That being said its kind of a shame this project didnt go far, i aim to change that. Is is possible to set a different volume level for mpg123 than master setting of ES.

    You can, by defining a new ALSA device, with it's own volume -

    Basically, you add in $HOME/.asoundrc

    pcm.mp3 {
        type            softvol
        slave.pcm       "default"    "Softmaster"
        control.card    0

    then you instruct the audio application to use the mp3 ALSA device. When you open alsamixer to se the volume, you'll have 2 mixer elements, one of them called "Softmaster", and you can set the volume individually.

  • @mitu @majikill The method for volume change can be kept quite simpler. mpg123 -f switch scales volume level.

    So please feel free to improve

    32768 -- Volume 100%
    29491  --Volume 90%
    16284 -- Volume 50%
    0 -- Mute

  • @cyperghost where would i apply these changes exactly? unless i make the changes to any instance mpg123 starts?

  • @mitu this would go just in the /home directory?

  • Global Moderator

    @majikill You can try modifying the script that starts the BGM music and add the -f parameter as @cyperghost mentioned. The .asoundrc configuration file I was mentioning should be added in $HOME (which translates to /home/pi).

  • @mitu awesome. perfect guys thank you. im gonna try both and see what works best for me.

  • @mitu i managed to create the .asoundrc file where it should be. but when i launch alsasound i only have a single mixer. i did put the file in /home/pi

  • Global Moderator

    @majikill Can you run

    speaker-test -D mp3

    and see if you get any errors ? Then start alsamixer and see if you have 2 mixer devices.

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