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Working Dreamcast games

  • So, as far as I knew, the Dreamcast is a hassle to emulate - but it turns out that some games run fine on RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi 3.

    @quicksilver @pjft
    How do you get them to work, and which games have you tested with success?

    Also; what's the caveats? Are keypress controllers (like iPac) supported or is it generally recommended to use controllers with analog sticks?

  • @AndersHP So a short list of games I have running really well on my rpi3b via riecast are:

    Jet Set Radio
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Episode one podracer (Single player works great, cut scenes choppy, split screen doesnt work)
    soul caliber (minor graphical issues, plays full speed or near full speed)
    virtua fighter 3tb (minor graphical issues)
    Sonic Adventure (plays at or close to fullspeed most of the time, very playable)
    Power Stone 1 and 2
    Soul Reaver (cut scenes are glitchy)

    Overclocking core_freq was a big benefit in making some games play smoother. I use an xbox360 controller so I dont have any experience with the IPac but reicast does support manual remapping so it may be worth a shot. The retropie dreamcast page has some instructions on button remapping.

    Edit: since the reicast update some of the games seem to run more accurately now. Cut scenes seem to run smoothly and don't flicker.

  • @AndersHP Depends what you mean by "running fine", to my knowledge some game are playable even though they are frameskipping a lot.

    @quicksilver said in Working Dreamcast games:

    soul caliber (minor graphical issues, plays full speed or near full speed)

    One good example, yeah it's definitely playable, however if you compare it against the original hardware (or against reicast on a good computer) you'll notice the animations aren't smooth at all because of the frameskipping.

  • @barbudreadmon I have noticed it a little (seems much more pronounced when using oss vs omx for audio). However some games I dont notice it all. Oddly enough when looking in the emu.cfg I dont see any settings for frameskip.

  • @quicksilver said in Working Dreamcast games:

    Oddly enough when looking in the emu.cfg I dont see any settings for frameskip

    iirc standalone reicast doesn't ask, it's always on (the option was made visible in lr-reicast, and i think it's off by default).

  • @AndersHP I am using a xin mo two player for two arcade sticks on a bartop and have soul caliber, crazy taxi 1&2, Daytona 500, marvel vs Capcom 2, Virtua Tennis and Virtua fighter 3tb plus on there. I did overclock my pi3b+ using the settings a lot of people use / recommend for N64 and I have a fan on there. Audio skips a bit on crazy taxis but they are still super fun. I just used the manual controller setup to setup the joysticks and buttons - you go to manage packages, reicast, configure/tools in retropie setup and configuring your controller is there. A few suggestions on that - follow this guy’s video for the controller part:

    . You can also follow that guide to set up the virtual memory card. The other thing is I found in the controller setup I needed to not map the digital up down left right (just say “no” you don’t want to map those) but rather map the joysticks only to the analog inputs. The reason is because as of now as far as I can tell from everything I have read there is still no good simple fix for the fact that the date time screen comes up every time you run a Dreamcast game. And, as far as I can tell, you can’t move past that screen without controls mapped as an analog controller (the bios must not recognize the dpad on the oringal Dreamcast controller to set the date and time). So if you only map the digital Gamepad you won’t be able to ever get past that screen to get into the game! The odd thing about this - and I was going to post this as a separate help question but maybe someone can answer here instead - is that this need for analog mapping means I can’t use Virtua Figbter 3tb even though it otherwise seeems to work great. The reason is that I can get into the game by getting past the date/time screen but I can’t move the character selection or move the character because it appears that game was originally created to ONLY use dpad controls. So I need the dpad mapping to play the game. And the reicast version we have as far as I know doesn’t have “game specific” config files. This is not an issue with the rest of the games I listed above, fortunately, and maybe someone has developed a workaround that I couldn’t think of yet. I think a working solution would have to let you past the date time screen but then only for the specific game allow you to map the joystick as a dpad.

  • some personal favorites of mine that all run near perfect:-

    DUX 1.5
    Redux Dark Matters

  • Here's a dreamcast compatibility list that I use, I find it fairly accurate:

  • I have Sega Marine Fishing, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Virtua Fighter 3tb running more or less perfectly. Also Dino Crisis and Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Those two are a tiny glitchy. Alone in the Dark the new nightmare runs, but no visuals in cut scenes just audio.

    EDIT: Sword of the Berserk - Guts' Rage still has the bug where he keeps walking forward.

  • @Libation Have you tested these games since the recent reicast update on retropie?

  • Latest update fixes a lot of things. Small overlays that did not show earlier do now, also, some games became playable, such as Border Down that use to have the game flash horribly during gameplay, Soul Calibur stopped flashing the background, etc.. This is fixed now... I started to update the compatibility list with the games I re-tried....

  • Sports Jam
    Sword of the Berserk - Guts' Rage
    Toy Commander
    AeroWings 2 + 1
    Dinosaur, Disney's
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    /Project Justice
    Space Channel 5
    Zombie Revenge
    Shenmue I+II
    Sega GT
    Dead or Alive 2
    Volgarr the Viking
    Sega Tetris
    Power Stone 2 +1
    Sonic Adventure 1+2
    Confidential Mission
    Godzilla Generations
    Fighting Vipers 2
    Max Steel
    Ecco The Dolphin
    Aqua GT
    Tech Romancer

    Will love to hear more games that working now....

  • Would certainly not say "working perfectly", but I'm through the New York level in THPS 2 and it seems like the update made it work better than before. Timing was tough previously due to slowdowns but in a quick test, it seemed more playable to me.

  • @quicksilver Yes sir. Updated Reicast recently to get rid off the date/time bug, all games still working. Didn't really notice any improvements. Don't have Alone in the Dark anymore, not sure if the update would've fixed the cut scenes

  • @shavecat Does Sword of the Berserk - Guts' Rage still have that bug where the character keeps walking forward on his own?

  • @Libation
    I actually played Sword of the Berserk - Guts' Rage last night for a little bit and the character was walking forward on his own and I thought maybe I had some dead zone issues with my Xbox360 controller so maybe that's still an issue.

  • @backstander I just tried that game again, same issue. Not fixed yet, unfortunately.

  • @backstander You understand that emulators are generally coded by 1-3 persons in their spare time, and that there is no way they would have time to test all games on the platform by themselves ? So when you find a bug, don't be stupid, report it on their bug tracker...

  • @barbudreadmon Wow thats a pretty harsh reply. You make it sound like @backstander was being ungrateful or entitled and I didnt get that at all from what he said.

  • @quicksilver said in Working Dreamcast games:

    @barbudreadmon Wow thats a pretty harsh reply. You make it sound like @backstander was being ungrateful or entitled and I didnt get that at all from what he said.

    No, i just don't understand why there is no trace of this issue on github (i checked both reicast and lr-reicast) while @backstander apparently found this issue some time ago already. That's not how this issue will get solved, and as an author of those projects it is kinda infuriating to see issues reported on the retropie forum instead of the rightful place.

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