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problem with mupen64plus libretro with odroid xu4

  • @kara great to hear!

    Can you confirm me you used the following command in the successful build?

    make platform=odroid WITH_DYNAREC=arm HAVE_NEON=1 FORCE_GLES=1

  • Yes, with this command ! another small question please, where should I put the generated file Thanks a lot !

  • @kara now that we know how to fix the compilation, we need to fix it upstream.

    Can I ask you to test compilation of new mupen64plus core as well?

    I setup a patch in my github, just follow these directions:

    cd $HOME
    git clone -b fix-odroid
    cd mupen64plus-libretro-nx
    make platform=odroid WITH_DYNAREC=arm HAVE_NEON=1 FORCE_GLES=1

    Once that is confirmed I will help you send the fix upstream.

  • bravo, you're good, very nice to meet people like you, I tested these lines, it works well! Tell me, the warnings at compilation are important? There are some, but the compilation is complete without errors! and I have my .so file

  • It seems that other emulators have the same problem as for lr-mupen64plus, I have to look again at the log files generated, potentially with the same fix to apply

  • @kara thanks for the compliment.
    So you also got a next .so file right? Great!
    Don't worry the warnings are not important.

    Can you also confirm which packages were missing when you executed the apt-get commands? your system installed both, libgles1-mesa-dev and libgles2-mesa-dev ?

    The other emulators might or might not have the same problem. Unfortunately I myself won't have time to check that, specially because I don't own an ODROID board.
    Let's fix the mupen64plus cores first.

  • is there a way to give remote access to my odroid xu4q through a console ?

    libgles1-mesa-dev missing
    libgles2-mesa-dev not updated i think

  • @kara said in problem with mupen64plus libretro with odroid xu4:

    is there a way to give remote access to my odroid xu4q through a console ?

    Yes definitively there are ways, however it can be complicated and not easy to provision. For example you would need to setup your router accordingly and secure your device with a non-standard password. Also you would need to keep it connected and turned on all the time as developers usually need to find their own time to volunteer to the cause.

    More importantly, there is no guarantee somebody will be working on ODROID support, so you would have to be very patient on getting things fixed, could take months. Your offer is anyway appreciated as that is a nice resource for people willing to help on this. I suggest you for now to wait until somebody approaches you here.

    In another topic, the fix is now upstream for both the mupen64plus and mupen64plus-next cores. You should be able to install from source in the RetroPie menu now and it should compile and configure the core for you successfully.

    Edit: I strongly suggest you test and try the "next" core as it is actively in development with upcoming updates and features. Check this topic:

  • thank you ! There are compiled images of Retropie on Odroid Xu4 some teams have done (ora)! They work well overall. The only problem is that we do not benefit from the latest emulators. I would like to create a simple image, with the most used, updated and working emulators. An image that I can modify when I want, adding new emulators! I have the idea to correct all the emulators I mentioned even if it takes time

  • @kara I agree with you, I also prefer simple images with the minimum necessary.
    By the way, what operating system are you running on your ODROID for these tests?

  • No compilation errors on lr-mupen64plus-next, the new core compiles well on Odroid xu4 :)

  • @hhromic Ubuntu 18.04.1-4.14 minimal

  • @kara said in problem with mupen64plus libretro with odroid xu4:

    No compilation errors on lr-mupen64plus-next, the new core compiles well on Odroid xu4 :)

    Great! there are nice things coming for this emulator, like an updated GLideN64 plugin and up-to-date mupen64 core. Did you try any N64 games with this core in your ODROID? I'm pretty sure many would like to hear how this core runs on that device.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • I only did compilation, I have not tested the emulators yet!

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