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Coolest sound effects in retro games?

  • One thing that makes me all warm and fuzzy are great game sound effects that often can found in 80's style space blaster games. Zzaps, phasers, blips and blops. Sound is a thing that often get forgotten in the shadows of good graphics.

    What games do you think of when talking about cool sound effects? I'm still looking for a ten pointer but i really like the arcade versions of Defender, Pac Man and Donkey Kong 3 to mention a few :)

  • The first arcade game I remember thinking had the coolest sound effects was Defender!

    I also still love the flute ("Found Secret") from The Legend of Zelda!

    And the startup sound from some of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive games that said "Say-Gaaaah!"

    Can't forget the original gib sound from Doom! When I originally got Doom for my old IBM PC, I didn't even have a sound card yet and this is what it sounded like:

    I could probably go on and on!

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  • Of course Mario's death!

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    While it might not be much to look at... or play, the sound effects in 'Pac-Man' for the 2600 were good enough to represent almost every off screen video game played in movies and television up until the early 2000s. If I'm being completely honest and I divorce myself from the negativity surrounding the game, I do have to admit that the effects are very unique and iconic, especially the death sound.

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